Create a Dragon Rider with us on stream!



Dragon Lords,

Together, we have made some stunning, new creations for War Dragons through our live streams.

In April 2016, we constructed a dragon together, and Necroth was born. We had so much fun with this event, we had to bring it back, but this time with portraits in August 2016! By the end of the year, we welcomed Aurora into the game.

Now we’re back and ready to make something with you we think you’ll love to fly with…

A Dragon Rider.

That sounds cool… but I can’t draw! How will this work?

That’s okay! Our Twitch Draws… live streams are set up so anyone can participate. During the live stream, we’ll have clear choices set up that you will get to vote on! Minor spoiler: this time one of the choices you will get to make is deciding which War Dragon the Dragon Rider will draw inspiration from.

As you and other viewers make decisions, our artist, Johannes Holm, will be incorporating the most voted for characteristics into the creation!

And if you can draw? Draw along with us! It’s always fun to see how other artists interpret the given direction of the piece!

SWEET! When and where do I tune in?

WarDragonsGame Channel on Twitch
Wedesday, November 1, 2017
3 PM - 5 PM Pacific Time
(Use this handy time converter to see what your local time is!)

We recommend ensuring you have a Twitch account before the stream begins so you can chat with us! Once logged in, give WarDragonsGame a follow and turn on notifications so you get a quick reminder when we’re live.

If you won’t be at a computer during the stream, download the Twitch app so you can tune in on the go, or the comfort of your personal Dragons Den.

What else will be happening during the stream?

You’ll have the opportunity to chat live with Johannes Holm, an artist who has worked in the gaming industry since 2009. You may have even played some of the games he has worked on art for including the Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon franchises. We are thrilled to have him on our team! Remember “The Wind of Battle” trailer we launched recently? Johannes storyboarded that!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to ask him questions about his work or art in general :slight_smile:

We’ll also be hosting giveaways throughout the stream for both in-game and real-life items!

See you soon and don’t forget to tell your team to tune in!
— Pixxel


A rider and her dragon, need to take a dip every once in awhile to cool off.


@Pixxel I don’t get to join many streams due to my timezone but I managed to stay for most of this stream and it was really cool!
Could you share the final drawing of our new female demonic rogue archer rider? :grin:
Already looking forward to see it in the Spring Season :star_struck:


Thanks for making it out, @MareZ!
I will absolutely share the final rider once Johannes is done working on it!
Thanks for the kind words, too. Johannes was incredibly nervous with the live drawing as he’d never done it before, but the support throughout the stream helped so much.


Huge thank you to everyone who dropped by the stream and helped shape this upcoming Dragon Rider!
Johannes is still polishing up the illustration. As he said, even after 2 hours, what we ended with was just the beginning!

Peep the replay:

Where we ended the stream, aka the beginning of the concept:


I couldn’t tell at all that it was his first time drawing live :tada: - did an awesome job!


Plus respect for how he managed to fuse an overall demonic look with Morphos’ colorful design on the clothes :open_mouth:


Not only will she be a Dragon Rider, but she’s also going to be available as a portrait!

Dragon rider shards question

She looks awesome! :heart_eyes:


She looks wonderfully demonic! Since she’s an archer I hope she will have a wind armour for agility and speed!


It was based on Morphos, which is wind, so… guess we’ll see :smiley:


Honestly I wasn’t even close to get Morphos, didn’t even know he was Wind (should have known for a butterfly)… I was just dreaming about making my Kinna even stronger than with a maxed Grogg without any armour on…

So thanks for your insight @forScience, I am very hopeful now :blush:


Beautiful! :heart_eyes:
She could be the evil twin sister of the portrait drawn with the community, the hovering mage with a dragon egg in her hand, a dragon over her shoulder and the same white hair :grin:


You mean Aurora, Snowdrop line portrait of past Winter season? :grin:


Yes! Thanks, that was the name!


How do you create a dragon rider


Do we get any say in the abilities of the dragon rider? or is this purely cosmetic?


The Dragon Rider will certainly provide buffs, but what those are, are yet to be determined.
Due to the numerous modifiers a Dragon Rider may have, it’s unlikely those individual buffs will be determined by the community. However by the time those decisions need to be made, our designers should have a good idea of what we’re all enjoying the most from Dragon Riders in general, in order to create something many of us will enjoy!


I request a buff that reduces tower build time by like 5000%…


What if it buffs ballistae to make them produce speedups?