Create additional button to open all chests

In cases where you win less than 10 chests it would be useful to have a button to “Open All” chests as opposed to tapping 8 or 9 times to open the chests you have won.

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IMO you should only ever open 10 at a time. Just wait until you get one or two more


I would really really like just an overall open all button. I used to amass like 900 bronze chests, and i’d rather open them all at the same time instead of opening them up 10 at a time which took way too much time. I trust PG enough to eventually sync the chest items i obtained with my account, and at least they would have a record in the background if they ever needed to verify. And if you don’t trust PG, then don’t use the button and do it 10 at a time anyways.


Do you want them to display the contents of what you won though? This might cause issues depending on whether their method can take an input variable of such a size and how they display the results (seems like fixed window of one or ten as opposed to a scrolling box / subfile). Not against the idea, I was only commenting on my (likely incorrect) assumption that it’s better to open 10 than one at a time.

You will probably say it doesn’t matter and have the data to back it up is my guess.


I was thinking more of a “report” style of it showing all of the items won at the end with quantities overlaid. AKA tally up the “+30% Tower Attack” and put a x85 on them if you get 85 of them. No need to show 85 individual wins of x1.

Basically an overall tally and you can screenshot that instead.


But i enjoyed opening up my 930 bronze chests at the beginning of this season that had been saved…

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What i would like is to be able to have say 3 gold chests and instead of buying 10 be able to buy 7 to open 10 in total.
But it would have to be on a seperate line so you could still save those you have and open 10 with Gems if you wanted.

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