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Can you please create a new chat tab called Ally Chats? Have multiple chats in it (like group chat (GC), but the chats don’t constantly reorder themselves). After you create a chat room and name it, you can add a team instead of having to add each individual from the team. This can also be helpful if:

:small_blue_diamond:you have a three way alliance (or more than three), but you will need to increase the amount of players allowed in the chat room because GC only allows 100 members.
:small_blue_diamond:people leave teams because it will automatically remove them from the chat room, so less maintenance.

I don’t have Beta, but this would probably be helpful for Atlas as well as alliances outside of Atlas.

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I don’t see why you would even want to invite the entire team in an ‘Ally Chat’. It would just create spam and there would be so many conflicting opinions; it just wouldn’t make sense and move too quickly to actually get valuable information out.
It’s usually much more effective to just add the Officers and Leaders of said allies and they can notify their team however they like.

As for removing people when they leave a team (and adding the entire team), some people would have their alts on the team, or would be on a vacation / break / work trip etc., but would still like to see the important info/ not need it. And when a player leaves a team he should automatically leave group chats, that’s a no-brainer. Even if they don’t, a reminder from someone on their team would suffice fine. Point is, it’s really not a hassle anyways.


I understand where you are going with this but I dont think it is a good idea. The current chat system is already very slow and buggy, adding more to it would be a risk. Also for the reasons pointed out by @Eb0ny. A chat with multiple teams entire rosters would be a nightmare to follow and use effectively.

Fixing the order and delete issues with GC should solve any problems using chat rooms to coordinate


I had an allies chat before Atlas and before the leagues shuffled every week. I only had two problems: maintaining the members and not being able to have more than 100 members (three way alliance).

Since chats in the game are only maintained by the creator, it can be a hassle having to keep track or constantly add and remove. In my experience, people don’t always leave the chat when they leave the team.

Officers and leaders would set the rules and objectives, but as for coordination, the chat can be helpful. Idk how Atlas stuff works because I heard it’s been changed a lot from the original event, but this was helpful in normal events. An example is capture the flag. Both teams can help distract enemy teams by coordinating attacks at the end of rounds.

If you are worried about there being too much chit chat, then make a rule that only Atlas and/or events can be discussed in the chat room. As for spamming people, I think you may be thinking of an outside chat app because the old parts of conversations just disappear in the game chats.


(Why would you ally your team with one that can’t keep members? That’d be a major red flag.) Of course there’s the initial adding everyone you want in the chat, but after that, it’s usually smooth sailing. As I stated, if they don’t leave the chat, it does no harm for someone that notices to point it out in chat. And if you think it’s too much work to create and maintain an ally chat, have another of the teams do it.

If you need something very specific, set a time and you won’t have to worry about that.

I would not be worried about “chit chat”, that’s what League Chat is for. By spam I mean non meaningful things pushing important announcements out of the way.

As I’ve said, it’s usually better to only invite Officers and Leaders to the Ally Chats. If one person makes an announcement, it’s very possible it would be pushed out by 100+ “no” s and “yes” s (eg). It is so much easier to just relay info to the team and discuss from there.


Please remember that they plan to move Atlas down to the lower leagues eventually. This means that players will move from team to team more often. It also means that leaders and officers may not be on at all times, so members may have to coordinate amongst themselves.

You can still send important announcements via email, so they don’t get lost. I take it that is most likely how the majority of teams do that now.

You can’t always set a time for everything because people aren’t psychic and thus able to guess the enemies next move.

I’m not saying that this should replace the chat for only officers and leaders of allied teams to talk in. This would be an addition.

You say that this chat would cause spam and would create 100+ yeses and noes (I’m not sure why there would be so many). Then you are admitting that others would use it which means that they find it helpful and useful.


I would also like to add that when I had an Allies chat room, I never had a problem with spam or 100+ yeses and noes. We sent out emails with important information for the team regarding the alliance and strategy. Have you ever had an allies chat room? How are you basing your information?


I have, if I sense it’s needed*. It’s what I’m in charge of for my team (an Officer). … So experience.

When I run the Ally Chat, Leaders and all Officers get invited and join to discuss. Ideas get thrown around and if there’s something being leaned towards, the teams get notified to leave input with the officers. They then report back if something should be tweaked or not. (At least, that’s what my team does. The other teams are free to decide how they like, but we want our whole team’s feedback). Then something solid is decided. Team Mails and / or Line messages are sent out to notify the team. That way, if little things need be discussed, the officers and leaders may do so without the entire team’s remarks. That’s just a very general example. Of course some things don’t get so much time and deliberation and are decided on the spot.

The league I’ve been in for a long time now is Sapphire 2 and 1. Team members know better not to leave in the middle of an event.

*In most cases, I find Ally Chats a waste of time. Most of my alliances are very loose and are established and respected, but mutually agreed that it needs no more attention. More chats floating around is often irksome. Mails get info out just as easily.

I just don’t understand why you would want the entire teams stuffed into a chat.


I would have to say that I agree with those that disagree. With the way that chat is working/not working now, I wouldn’t want any more features on it. There are bugs and what not that could probably be fixed prior to implementing this. I think this would be interesting to add AFTER chat is all sorted out.
What I am saying is “maybe later” and use Line or Discord for now. What I’m not saying is “never.”


First off, I would like to emphasize something that you don’t seem to be understanding: I don’t want to replace the Ally Chat room for Leadership. Keep that separate, and keep it’s function the same.

Is this your answer to having an allies chat room? Because that sounds more like an alllies leadership chat room (which I also had in addition to the allies chat room for all members of the alliance). I will take it that you have never had an allies chat room with teams in it not just leadership. My point is, you don’t know what it would be like. You don’t know if it will be spam or 100+ yeses and noes because you have never been in one. Since you have never tried it, I don’t know why you are so against it.

From experience (as a leader and the creator of both an allies leadership chat room and an allies chat room for all members), the allies chat room for all members was helpful during events. You can discuss things that don’t require leadership input like coordinate distractions in the chat room or letting your allied teams know that someone is giving you a problem to see if they can help. It’s been a while since I had one because of the leagues switching every week (which I hate); but I know it was helpful, and I would do it again. I would just like an easier way to create and maintain one.

That’s fine. Then don’t create one. I don’t want it to be mandatory. I just want to be able to create an allies chat room for the entire team with ease if I want to. If this doesn’t fit your type of alliances or your teams style, don’t make one. But for other teams who would find this helpful, this should be an option.

For people who might not want to see these allies chat rooms (for all members) they can just not go to the tab. Or if the allies chat room (for all members) for some alliances are less active, maybe PG can figure out how to let us order our chats, so we can put them at the bottom. PG could also provide a hide button for chats as well. When an alliance chat room (for all members) is created it could invite everyone and later any new members when they join, and instead of accepting the invite they can choose hide or show. That way, if they later decide they want to be in the chat room, they can unhide it.

I’m not sure why you mentioned this part. When I said people come and go from teams more often in the lower leagues I didn’t specify if they left during events. Plus, Sapphire isn’t a lower league.

It would be great if PG fixed their existing chat glitches (as well as other glitches); but I’ve been playing for 2+ years, so I know those glitches aren’t going away. They will either stay, or they will come back later. I’ve had a chat history glitch for almost 2 years now (so I depend on my Officers Chat in Line because I can’t read all the comments in my Officers Chat room in WD). :persevere:


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