Create your own avatars

One of my fondest memories in my long time playing this game was creating a team’s own avatar after doing very well during the great event. I hope I’m not the only one who would like this to return. Maybe make it an atlas prize? Thoughts?


Last time this happened, a team had to win a few consecutive events (teams placed in 1-5 got the avatars). Atlas is not the place to do this kind of event, just because it would exclude half of the player base.

It would however be a great idea, if PG did this kind of “Great Contest” again.


Yeah, the great contest was fun and creating the avatar only provided more enticement. I know my team had fun having ours made!

Fair point. Maybe they can do consecutive events again or something of the like.

We hadn’t planned on a sequel, but the option is not off the table!

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