Create your own food and wood packs

Suggest an additional option to create your own food and wood packs only when the storage vault has reached its maximum?

It would unnecessarily impact the food and wood economy in my opinion. I would have millions in wood packs would this be implemented.


aren’t we always full unless its feeding or breeding? Atleast at my level 94, i am full


Haven’t seen this thread in a few months lol… probably on the old forums, it was discussed… and as red said, it would be brutal to the resource economy

Well something needs to happen wirh the food economy.

what needs to happen? what can’t you feed with help from your teammates or just hunting in general?

I fed two 1.3M feeds on saturday with help from my team and hunted a 1M feed this morning for myself.

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How come? Just curious what you think the current downfall is during the normal game play (not feeding events)

During this last event I couldn’t hold on to my lumber long enough to upgrade anything. I would get within 600 and Bam! lost almost half. 15 mins later and same thing. 20 mins there goes all but 600. I was ready to quit or join the XP Farm, because that is all I was doing. Supplying everyone else. As soon as I got some I sent it to my teammates. If you’re not able to do the task, why bother trying. Yes, I tried the revenge thing, going against 18+ towers is suicide for me. Can’t upgrade without lumber. I am in a no win situation now. So if you want it come and get it.

bounce with teammates or have teammates send it to you all at once. If your team won’t do that, find a new one that actually works as a team.


Believe me, they tried. As soon as I get the shipment, another major loss. So they would send their resources for nothing. So I told them to stop wasting their time and resources.

Or just wait until the last day to build when everyone else it out of clocks…


I always (and will always) say to my teammates that Feeding and Fort event is a team event.
In the last event, I think I send quite a number of wood (and receiving many too). And many of my teammates are gladly sending their wood, either by concurrent shipping, or via our giants.

DracoCreatures (Gold 1) is recruiting now :grin: .

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I wonder if that is told to everyone so that the wood can be amassed at the moment :thinking:
Honestly, I found many players with 100k (or even 200k) wood at the time… (probably not much for high players like you :grin:, but it’s enough for a low leveled one such as myself )

I have to watch tower levels. I can’t compete with with levels over 17.There is only one player higher than I am, not by much, that is our leader Rodhardwood. So everyone else is pretty much in the same boat. If they try to hold it to send longer than 15-20 minutes they get hit. So what’s the difference? We can’t upgrade the storage until builders hut is done. Can’t do that until we have 73,000 in lumber. Vicious circle. I am one prize from getting Aibrean’s 2nd stone. Can’t earn sigils without doing the tasks for prizes and accomplishments.

I always have full storage at the end of building event and noone come to get the lumber.
get 2 or 3 people send resource as the same time else get to another team with higher level around to help you

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I’m going to be the contrarian and say they already solved this issue by giving people access to Atlas Castles… :wink:

Maybe if the pack was like 10% of the wood you use. So 500k food to a 50k pack. This would dissuade me most of the time, as I’d rather have food available to send if anyone on the team needs it (provided I don’t get raided). But it does suck the amount of wasted stuff just sitting around of dumped on someone already full of that rss

This fort event seems to have had plenty of wood, even on the second day I was getting 100k+ hits. I wonder if this is due to players quitting or a busy time for everyone in RL.

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Must be the people quitting because they got too much level up rewards and the game became too easy


Haha yea that must be it. Who would want to play after getting 1k-4k rubies after leveling up, sounds horrible xd