Creating a building like farms and mills to grow shards and embers

First off, I’m going to assume this is a duplicate discussion already that I can’t find in forums.

I was wondering if pg could create a structure once people hit higher levels to grow ice and fire shards, and embers. Maybe even black pearls. I know some people have difficulty obtaining these rss through chests and I thought it might be easier is there was something to grow these. Like maybe for everyday a person longs on, taking activeness into consideration, a person could receive 10 fire shards, 10 ice shards, 10 embers, etc. It would really help since people can’t share these, or don’t get many through seasonal lines and chests. Just a thought. If anyone else has a better idea please say.


Well, we have Ruby Mine, which is supposed to grow Rubies.
Due to certain reason, it’s not…


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