Creating a team

Could you make it a rule that you have to be a certain level to create a team? Say like level 100? So leader knows more about the game and can actually have some experience to lead a team? Then all these singleton player/teams in bronze would need to join a team instead? And auto delete all teams that inactive for 30 days?

I knew a couple of people in the global chat early on in the game who made a team to stay with their friends in there. Lots of people don’t plan to play this game competitively, and many others don’t come online that often. Creating a team would give you egg token bonuses while also making sure that you don’t drag your teammates down by not playing as often. I don’t think there’s any harm in letting these teams sit and their players occasionally play how they want to play.


People sometimes create alts to form a team. :see_no_evil:


You are assuming everyone creates or joins a team for knowledge or advice, there are plenty of teams that have more to do with communities and friends than the game itself. Some people really couldn’t care less if they have lvl 20 towers at 100 or platinum dragons at 200, they just want to play with their friends.

Also if a new player is really interested in some advice, there are plenty of guides online for breeding/building and flying. There is also a ton of gold/plat teams with leaders in the 200’s or even 300’s that will still give you misguided information.


Singletons. Maybe they could play without creating a team?? There are just so many and many who are inactive. By joining a more experienced team, say in higher Bronze or Silver, you learn more about the game, from others. Which is better than playing alone, trying to figure it out yourself. There are so many advantages to being on a team of multiple players. And at those levels, I’m sure they are not too worried about being there for wars. You have 24 hours to do your war run. Have you gone through the bronze league? I barely make it to letter G, let alone all the way to Z and beyond, for scouting. Many times higher players prefer to start over than to play Atlas. Idk, just a suggestion.

Many alts join other teams, or their main team’s second team.

What’s your motivation for requesting this?

I’m just gonna say that there’s probably zero teams worth joining in these leagues if you want to learn something at a lower level. Go to Gold ASAP. :t_rex:


But how many Gold’s will take a new bronze player?

Guess I just need to stay out of the basement looking for a diamond in the rough.

Plenty of them. If they’re any sort of active.


I went straight to a Gold 4 team when I was only around level 20. Just find one that’ll take you, it’s not too hard to. :t_rex:

Any that have auto join have no choice and won’t get rid of a new player. My friend recently started playing she’s level 13 and in a gold 3 team because of auto accept. If the team isn’t full then they would probably let them be

Got into a Gold 1 team via some fancy footwork and good breeding and building practices back when my alt was a level 10 ://

Gold 4 is much, much easier. All the open teams! Honestly I’d say just let those players be- I mean, maybe they just want some easy egg token bonuses if they’re one man teams, maybe they don’t want the pressure of a team, we wouldn’t know.


I agree. My Alt is on such a team and it’s very advantageous as since it’s a family who just interested in relaxing and enjoying the game at a leisurely pace where I’m able to still make some progress without having to fret about taking him to my main team when the need arises.

It’s fine as is. The game has been out for 3 years and there is plenty of info to be had unlike when I joined over 2 years ago. Anyone want a bunch of ballistas? :joy::joy::joy:

Ravenhouse, Gold V

Ok, thanks for input! Sometimes just good to bounce ideas around. I guess it is hard to keep casual and hard core players happy at one time. Just seems too many join, create a team and then go inactive. Thanks for opening my eyes to other views. :heart:

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