Creating new account– old one gets deleted?

So, can anyone tell me how to create a new account? It says when I sign out that I lose my progress. And I dont know if thats normal. So anyone please help me, I‘m a confused 96 :joy:

It will delete the progress from your device and close the app so you can log in or start a new game.
However, if you have (and you should!) your pocket ID, email and password for this account in the Settings>Account menu, you can always log back in. Once you log out you have a “I have an existing account” option, where you enter you info for your lvl 96 base. Link an email and password to your lvl 96 and you will be fine.

Thank you :sweat_smile: of course I have a pocket ID, just were‘nt sure if it kills my account or just the datas of this device.
Greetings from Avy

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