Creating new team with people who have the same values


We would like to create a competitive team that also understands that the most important thing is real life (RL) then having fun in the game and then winning (I know a platinum 1 and platinum 2 team with the same values, so this is possible). Of course we like winning, and we work hard to win! But we understand the rare mistakes (we are human) and RL situations. Anyone who misses too often, will be moved to a training team, and anyone who knows ahead of time that they will be busy, will be moved to a training team until they can be active again. (Definition of too often has not been decided and may become increasingly more strict with time.)

We want to be a fun, active, friendly, talkative, helpful, hardworking international family who likes to joke around. No cliques or drama in the team. Everyone should be friendly and helpful to all teammates.

Those who will make up this team will get to submit team name ideas as well as vote (possibly a few times to narrow down the selection before the final vote).

We will use Line, but it won’t be mandatory.

If you want to join ahead of time, you can join TheGamers2, which is going to become our training team.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Me too

This B


How many players do you have so far? We’re looking for a few active players to come and join us - if that’s what you have so far please contact me as we could add you to our team if you’re interested.
We are a highly active group that works well together and are working hard to go back up to Platinum very soon. We have a couple of spaces and a couple of inactive members.
If you would like any other information please contact me or have a look at the team.


Sorry, but my people want to keep me as their leader. I’m kind sand stable. They know I won’t change my values. Your people are welcome to join us in the new team we would create. :blush: We can put together a group chat for everyone, so we can get to know each other first.



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