Creators Faction event in atlas?

Okay I have no idea, I was wondering if the community will have some ideas.
The creator faction members make a video for fun with the help of the community?

I know what made me want to play the game more was Odin’s and Shivenzos videos but one of them already has stopped uploading… I only discovered Taco later on, love her videos and Imps gameplay , Fierys videos, Flames forum events and all of the CF content

I enjoy Tacos stream.
It was about interacting with the WD community.

I was thinking it would be more nice, the content creators were able to make more entertaining videos with involving the community more?
To see community come together putting aside the politics, and just have fun and bring a positive vibe to the video by doing some activity together in atlas or main game?

Something like a play on castle names or anything…

Ofc only if the CF members would enjoy making such content for themselves as well and they have fun doing it ha


I quite like this.


If you love seeing CF content, also check out instagram, there are a lot of CFs there too, all are trying to make multi lingual contents

@Tami: Login • Instagram
@MiinaNiina: Login • Instagram
@FishKA13: Login • Instagram
@XxxDuFFxxX: Login • Instagram
@ShadowsOfBirds: Login • Instagram
@DallyahxWD: Login • Instagram
@Astra: Login • Instagram

I don’t post the rest because you already know their accounts probably.

On-topic: We would like to make this kind of things, because our ‘job’ primarily is to make the community to like War Dragons more. I can come with some news after some time


I’m not on Instagram haha

I’ll post the link to all the CF channels…

I do realize that the newest members are not there yet.

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This sounds exciting! :smiley:

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