Creators Faction social channels and contents

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CF members have our own social channels to post announcements, guides and videos.
I made this thread for those who can’t find the CF contents we posted in the past.
There are other threads for announcements and videos, so I’ll post links to other content here.

:page_facing_up: List of currently active CF members

IGN Link to Their Channel Language
Astra Instagram French, English
DallyahxWD Instagram, Twitter English
DEMIRCAN Instagram, YouTube Turkish, English
FIame Instagram in English, Instagram in Spanish
LINE app
English, Spanish
FishKa13 Instagram, Telegram Russian, English
Imperivm YouTube, facebook Italian, English
KingLex facebook, YouTube Italian
LaikaDream Twitch, Twitter, Instagram English
MiinaNiina Twitter in English, Twitter in Japanese
Instagram, YouTube
Japanese, English
PepAronieTV Twitch English
Prime YouTube English
ShadowsOfBirds Instagram English
Taco YouTube, Instagram English
Tami Instagram, LINE app German, English
XxxDuFFxxX Instagram, YouTube
TikTok, facebook
German, English


:european_castle: Atlas

Conquer mechanics

:bust_in_silhouette:Riders Skill Trees

:crossed_swords:Offensive riders (in English and French, Astra and MiinaNiina)

:shield:Defensive riders

🚧 Riders list who have construction bonus

:dragon: Dragons

Splash range


Comparison of Tower Attack Range

:goldchest: :silverchest:Chests

💎Comparison of Rubies cost


🐣Reserch Eggs Discounts

🔍Research tree

Tier 13 - Vanguard

Tier 14 - Empyrean

Tier 15 - Abyssal

Tier 16 - Eldritch

:fire: PvP events

Crystal Caves (FIame)

Team Gauntlet

:trophy: Assault

Total AP for Max Score

:gift: Giveaway

Some CFs host weekly giveaway on their social accounts.
Follow our accounts, and get prizes! :ruby: :goldchest:

:studio_microphone: Livestreaming

:tv: Gameplay videos

:link: Links

War Dragons Official Brog
Forum - A Guide to Factions
Forum - Current Creators Faction Members and Their Channels


Creators Faction trailer (XxxDuFFxxX) :heart_eyes:


This amazing, thanks for all the work you and the others do.

This seems like the sort of post that would do well with a sticky.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :diamond:

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This is amazing now I can annoy all the other members besides taco, sometimes, not sure if I’ve annoyed her?