Credit on sigils already used on Grogg’s branch


I would like to request that anyone already having spent sigils on Grogg’s branch be credited 50% as this the first time a rider has been offered and the first time a mid season discount has been applied to a branch. Everyone knows the discount dragon branch and if they chose not to buy then fine. However a credit should be given to users if they spent sigils on Grogg already.


Grogg line doesn’t look discounted :eyes:


I agree. I just sent the same request via ingame support ticket.

When the Sigil (iirc) chests were reduced in price, the difference was refunded to those who purchased at the higher price point.

Offering a discount part of the way through the season is nice, but significantly undermines spending ANY sigils until the last day of the season, unless you get something when it is first released for half price.

This sets a very dangerous precedence.


Maybe read the ingame mail that says he will be discounted for the next two weeks?


Ahh, admittedly don’t read event announcements in-depth haha carry on emoji badge achieved :raised_hands:


Sounds good then.


I agree. If there is going to be a discount on a reward during a season, the players should be informed at the start of the season. I went pretty far down Grogg’s line while waiting for Gargula to be released (thinking that the delayed full price hunter must be better than the discounted one, right?), just to end up paying full price for Necryx. Now with this mid-season Grogg discount, I REALLY feel cheated.


All I have done all season is grogg, does piss me off that it’s being discounted half way into season but you have to get used to PG antics and give up complaining about what they do, because no matter what you expect or want they never ever listen to the player base, once you get that mindset nothing they do surprises you


My first thought was discounts for people who worked on him (btw, I have zero spent on him).
BUT then I realized that the idea is 2 weeks of half price, not a month+ of half price… if you spent everything on him and then get some more progress on him during this sale it is NO different than me getting 2 weeks of cheap Necryx progress and then paying full price ever since then… it is 2 weeks on sale and lots of weeks at normal price.

IF they credit people for what they already spent on Grogg then they have to just make Necryx back to half price all the time too… which is absurd.

Necryx and Grogg are already the best things this season.


That’s true, but it depends on how far a player has gotten in Grogg’s tree. Those who finish it within two weeks and have sigils to spare are getting a raw deal. You make a good point though as anyone not in that boat (probably most of the players who have spent on Grogg), end up getting an advantage with a refund.

I like your idea of a refund and bringing Necryx back to half price…that would be very beneficial to me. :smiley:


They don’t need to make Necryx half price. He was half price FROM THE BEGINNING of his release for two weeks.

Taking something that has been released and THEN making it half priced weeks later is ABSURD.

The only TRULY fair thing to do would be to credit those that spent Sigils on Grogg during the first two weeks of the season 1/2 of the Sigils that they spent on him back. I don’t even think that would benefit me, but I probably WOULD have spent Sigils on him then if he were 1/2 price.

So, even going back on what I just said, there really is no fair way to discount something later on in the season, unless players were aware of the future discount from the beginning, like they were for Necryx, who was discounted from the start.

But hey, go ahead PG, keep right on convincing us not to spend money. Seriously, I don’t mind at all.


The problem is that if you credit people who already spent on him, they now have another two weeks of discount…so they would get a month of discount while everyone else only gets two weeks. The only people who are getting a bad deal are the ones who have already finished or are close to finishing Grogg’s line.

I do agree an unannounced mid-season discount shouldn’t happen.


You guys hit the nail, i appreciate the discount but i would have postponed and planned if i knew there would be a discounted period. just like the decision on Nec, you go into it knowing. the decision to put something on half off in the middle and not provide advance notice at begining isnt fair to anyone. Maybe instead of a credit then PG should offer an “early adopter” helm for Grogg. People who took a chance on him at full price recieve a bonus accessory. oh well, like another post indicated…accept it is what it is.:joy:


Just heard back from support.

They’re crediting 50% of Sigils back on Grogg. Very nice PG!


I have no issue with people getting 50% sigils spent on Grogg back. Now about those reduced research prices…


Just the golds! That’s not that much to ask for😂


If by just the golds, you mean golds and platinums. I could live without greens.


I have enough platinum to get through shadow healing, but stuck on gold


Is this for everyone or we have to log a ticket?


I agree we should given our sigils back :point_up: