Cross league chat? Forum Integration?

Issue - With no ability to chat outside of your assigned league, it is only by sheer chance that a player can “bump” into other active, like minded players. Since the social component is such a big part of this game, it makes sense that lower leagues seem somewhat dead, while higher leagues are very insular.

Proposed Solution - Pre-Established Chat Groups, possibly accessed through Team Meeting Hall (very similar to what players have set up on their own, but supported by PG). There could be a “get recruited” group chat, “base building tips”, etc. There could be incentives for new players to log in and also rewards for veteran players who participate.

Additional Proposal - Egg missions could include the occasional requirement to post something in chat. Sometimes people require a “push” before they dip their toe in new social waters.

Why is this needed? - Again, there is a HUGE, OLD, WELL-ESTABLISHED community of very active (and opinionated :wink:) veterans, but it shouldn’t be the burden of new players to have to discover that. The community should be available and welcoming to new players - and a simple in game chat option that exposes newbies to other leagues and larger aspects of the game early on might be all it takes to draw people in.

Shrugs Just an idea. I know that I probably sound like a broken record at this point about getting new players engaged.

Have a nice day, everyone :blush:


This kind of sounds like the forums without an actual group chat. But I think I understand what you are talking about here. You want lower levels and lower leagues to be able to learn from higher levels and higher leagues. Something like advertising about forums would help players understand how to become stronger when first starting out. Although It would make things easier for lower level players, I just think it’s much better for people to either seek that information or learn themselves. Now op of course some features in atlas can only be noticed by officers, leaders, governors, etc… What I mean by this is one time I had a question about CG but didn’t know the answer to it. I had asked someone about it (very insultingly) they answered my question but it was something that only a person in power could experience. I know I totally got off track :joy: but I hope that example may help.


Yes and no. Personally, I’ve had no problem finding help in game or on line…but I’m an odd breed. I don’t do things halfway.

Advertising forums in the game itself is not a bad idea. I actually brought that up on another thread. This would be slightly different…but a similar intent.

The goal is not so much to help baby players skip to end game. No no no. That’s not the point at all. The point is to just get baby players engaged in the community. Period.

More engagement is good IMO because it helps the game grow and attract new players, rather than just adding new layers and features to keep existing players entertained.

You can already go to team meeting hall and search for teams. It would be cool if you could search for group chats, too. I think that’s more what “my idea” would look like in practice. You might discover an active “new players who like hunters” chat and request an invite. Something like that…

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It’s never a bad idea to try to keep new players engaged. Sometimes I find the social aspect a little lacking depending on the league I’m in. Plat 3 has its ups and downs. :joy:


There used to be a global chat at one time I thought but that was a loooooong time ago.

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There still is. It’s what you have before you hit level 6 and join a team.


Or it’s what you have before you join a team. I was a weird one who kept global chat for like a month or two because I didn’t like being told that I “HAD” to join a team.


Lol I couldn’t wait to get out of global chat. Them kids were mean!


I met “PewDiePie” there.


Pretty sure the general age range in global chat is like 8-13. Was hard to read. :joy:


You aren’t missing out on much. Sapphire LC is people crying about being defended or being attacked in the event


Straight up no to that. LC is already a toxic cesspool and other chats would just get spammed with messages of “hi” just so people can do their missions. Trying to force people to participate in chats is a bad idea.
Frankly I would really like to see an option in settings to disable LC because Im so sick of it always being the default chat any time you open the chat menu and seeing the garbage that gets posted there. It’s like being back in high school

Instead I really feel like they need to get rid of Bronze and SIlver league and establish a Rookie league for new players under a certain level that helps explain things to them with guides and also helps them speed level and eventually find active teams in Gold or lower Plat when they actually get into the real game.

Yeah… unfortunately that’s not likely to be what happens. Open global chats tend to just be garbage with people trolling, posting NSFW stuff and not actually helping anyone. Especially as soon as someone starts asking beginner questions or types in something other than English. That’s more likely to turn people off from the game than to draw them in.

The forums also need to have a rookie subforum with guides and where basic questions can be asked and those topics arent getting lost in the sea of other chatter

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Why won’t you share the ducks? Poor ducks :disappointed:

Because they’re all mine. MINE I TELL YOU!


Yeah…but that’s why having new people to talk to can be fun.

From where I’m sitting…PG took all the good/veteran players, locked them in about six different rooms…and declared “THERE! Now stay with your own kind!”

No wonder y’all get tired of each other from time to time.

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To your point - totally understood, but again, I’m not asking for a single global chat…I’m requesting chat groups that are open to the public and can be searched by name/topic/league just like teams.

Obviously participation would be voluntary.

I promise not to make the duck hoarder feel sad.

Oh so that’s why I thought it was a looooong time ago and is no longer used.

Much younger lol and they bullied me