Cross-league Wars: FIX THIS NOW


My team, AnimusLegion, is currently in s3. A few days ago, as everyone remembers, wars were called off and nullified. At that time, 2 teams from s2 had declared on us AFTER league change. We submitted tickets about it and we told not to worry because that’s why they suspended the wars.

A few days have passed. Tonight, for the second night in a row, we face another war from s2. These teams see us as the 25th ranked team in their league when we’re not even first place in our s3 league.

Support has been useless. They claim, “we’re aware of the problem,” and “we’re looking into it,” and “sorry we don’t have an answer.”

Well here’s an answer for you: suspend wars again, refund us any lost league points and tokens, and stop screwing over your players. This is utter nonsense. No team should be suffering the mistakes of the programmers and, as history shows us, compensation is due.

My team is happy to deal with any war thrown at us-- when in our league. To be dealing with wars that break the mold of how it has always been done is out of line. This needs to be fixed NOW and we expect to have everything set back how it should be. I

So, PG thinks it’s fair to allow plat teams to war gold teams

I have sent numerous tickets about this. I keep getting “we’re sorry for the inconvenience “ “we are looking into it” “ we don’t have the ability to cancel wars” BULL$!&@. I’ve seen pg cancel and stop wars multiple times. This needs to be addressed and resolved.


This makes no sense and should be a red flag for every team. If you are in S3 isn’t it unfair for a team in S2 to declare war on you? This means you could eventually drop from S3 because you lose wars to S2 teams. You should only war against teams in your league. PG could easily stop these wars like they did when we had the Atlas snafu. Their laziness to lift a finger should be alarming for all teams because this could easily happen to any team


this cross-league wars surely bring disadvantage to our team. Losing points, losing egg tokens with huge amounts, etc. Untill when will PG ignore our complains?. besides the cross-league wars, i also have the support problem. The page won’t load, only shows blank page & i can’t choose any menu.


In three years of game play, I have never been so disappointed in PG. There was once a time that I believed PG would support us and help us in any way possible. That time has gone.

Perhaps PG has lost touch with the reality of the day to day life for a team. Let me share what it has been like for us. After a long, tiresome, bloody battle in Plat 1, we finally broke back into Sapphire 3. We had endured day after day of war to get there. All of us real players know what war looks like. We don’t sleep. If we do sleep, it’s not for more than a couple hours and we find coverage. It has our constant attention for 24 real life hours. It’s exhausting, but was worth the hard work.

Breaking back into S3 felt fantastic. We were on fire and ready for more. The first weeks in S3 we faced multiple wars. We sacrificed commitments, sleep, and our sanity to win those. Those wins pushed us into S2. We knew we may not be quite ready and expected a couple losses and faced returning to S3 with the same positivity that got us to S2. Spirit and fight was coursing through our team.

Then, the new update came out. We were declared on by a team in S2 while in S3. We immediately reached out to PG. While they were looking at it, the war clock ticked on. When didn’t know what to tell the team. So, we told them to have faith in PG. We all had faith and despite the confusion, PG cancelled the wars and acknowledged an issue. THANKS PG…right?
Last night another S2 team declared on us. We messaged PG right away. The team declared with under 5 minutes to the start. We rushed people on…pulling them away from real life because we dont go down easy. After they ran a wave of 10 at the start, we realized they were S2. The team was freaked out. Do we wave? Do we defend? Will PG fix this? PG blew us off. Saying they would look into it…All the while, we were trying to figure out what to tell the team. After much correspondence back and forth, we were told there was nothing they would do, that they could not stop wars, and that’s we couldn’t submit a new ticket with a new question. Yeah, we lost that war. PG gave no guidance and everyone wasn’t panicked. Most of us did not sleep the entire war just to try and salvage it. We couldn’t and we were taken down 13 team rating points…We hoped the incident was over.
Tonight, we had 3 S2 teams declare on us. Our team is discouraged from the lack of support yesterday and now we face 3 more. We immediately messaged PG. They said they would look into it, but said they couldn’t stop these wars. Bullshet. Now we haven’t slept in 24 hours, have lost faith in PG, are losing resources in mass quantities, and seem to be unheard. We have the screen shot proof of all conversations and wars if anyone is interested, just reply. Please help us fight this injustice and come to a reasonable resolution with PG.
Look, I love this game and have made a lifestyle of it like many others. I want my proper game back. Please.

#1600218 Apr 6, 5:08pm EST
#1600166 Apr 6, 8:02pm EST
#1594829 Apr 3, 2:26pm PDT


I’ve sent a ticket as well. As any of you can imagine, I got the same canned bull shit response. I can assume it will do no good, other than to serve as more spamming from our team and an annoyance to PG. Hopefully this might encourage them to move their asses and right this atrocious wrong… I don’t send in a lot of tickets but believe me when I do, it’s for a damn good reason. I can’t remember a SINGLE time they have EVER helped me in ANY way.


@Crisis how is this possible? Something else break in 4.97?

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Our team has worked very hard to get where we are now. Something like a game error, this should not jeopardize all the work that we have put in to be in the Sapphire three league. To allow sapphire two teams to declare on us is ridiculous. I’ve sent numerous tickets to support as well as many other teammates, and we have received the generic response of all we’re looking into it. No that’s not gonna cut it. Please fix this issue immediately and give us back what we work so hard to earn. This is not fair to our team when we have worked so hard in this game for years.


@PGChocolate @PGJared can someone please help out with this bug. This is unfair to the team.


4 wars in 2 days not one team in our league this is a joke and could send us to platinum for something that is not our fault we have to pay for this game why should we suffer at the hands of the people that’s taking our money.


This is outrageous! We demand this issue to fixed a.s.a.p


Ticket number #1600183
I am truly disappointed with their support. It’s getting worse, I would say that. I sent my ticket this morning and guess what I got from Roseanne? The exactly same reply to my teammate who sent in ticket earlier. Copied and pasted the same reply to me. Was that a right way to treat your player / customer ? To be frank, I’m spending quite a bit on this game, I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. I didn’t ask for any extra, what I requested in the ticket was “ Make things right”. As simple as that.

We fought hard to be where we are now. We are not going to go down because of PG mistake, irresponsible attitude, errors, or whatever it is.



@PGJared @DragonPunch
Is it possible to check and rollback all wars between 2 teams in different subleagues, which are declared after last league promotion time?
I meant before next league promotion.


For reasons like this I don’t know what to say to the people who create this game. Constantly worrying about things that have no relevance to game play like switching where buttons are located. PG can’t seem to deal with the bigger issues such as this and want to delete tickets sent in to have us be helped in these matters, like it can be brushed away. We deserve better, a lot of us pay to play. A lot of us dedicate time even into the middle of our working lives. Compensation past what we expect should be due. These situations create anxieties and emotional uproars that need to be dealt with appropriately and accordingly.


I’ve spent 4.5 years playing this game. And not once have I wanted to quit because PG screwed the pooch. This is totally unfair for our team. Or any other team this may be happening to. A lot of our players lose plenty of sleep because of wars. These make it worse. More added stress… yea because that’s exactly what we need! It may be a game, but after so long of playing it, it becomes more than just a game. We have devoted time away from our families for this game. We have sacrificed bills being paid because of this game. We have supported PG by these sacrifices! Now, when the time comes for us to be supported, we are ignored… we are told deal with it. What kind of business tactics is that? You want the players that have supported you financially and dedication wise to leave you? Might just be a team of 50… but when word gets out… how many other will follow?? Where will your support be when the game no longer can survive because nobody plays all because you ignored the cries of help… I’m not saying this will happen as we actually are pretty dedicated to this game. But… it could. Just fix this mess you have created and give us what is due because of it. We are tired and don’t need this crap!!

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All we can do is wait for PG’s Monday

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@Crisis @Arelyna please help them


So this issue and the @ function on apple and war reminders whats next to pop up


With 3 more S2 teams now declaring against us, this is simply absurd. We are an S3 team, and receive S3 daily token payouts. We receive zero benefits but will lose 100 team rank points if PG doesn’t act like the guardian and owner of this game and instill fair play rules as they should.


Can you mail the teams in S2 and explain the situation so they can get the teams there to agree not to declare on you?