Cross sub-leauge war how is this possible?


I have a question, at the moment my team is having a war against another team we are both in GOLD2 but different sub leagues. Any one have any idea how this can happen?


Declared before the weekly shuffle.


League change.

(damn it tops! :joy:)


If it was a league change wouldn’t they be in GOLD3 or 1? @Atops @Grumpybigbird


Not always.
If both are within the same subleague interval (e.g. Between min rank and max rank of Gold 2), they can go into different subleague of the same tier (e.g. Gold 2, Angry A and Angry B)


There are 4 Gold II leagues. 100 teams, 25 per sub-league.


declared before the league change.

A team can jump more than 1 league either promoted or demoted


Pretty sure Gold II is 500 teams, so 20 subleagues. But yeah, in general only Diamond is a single league, the rest pretty much jump every week even if they stay in their tier.


Thanks I thought you stayed in the same sub-league until you was either promoted or demoted from the main league.


Nope, they re-shuffle you to other teams that are fairing about where your team is ratings wise every week. So sometimes you see a lot of the same faces. Other times you don’t depending on how wars turned out.


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