Crossing Platforms

i heard that its finally possible to continue playing a android account on a iOS one?
is it true?
if it is i would finally buy a IPad and get rid of my android device.

Pls clarify


I have heard that is correct, but cannot personally confirm for you.

How can you get an answer because I want to move my android game over to my iOS I should have started on my iOS in the first place but hopefully soon

some people already moved their alts to iOS. heard it works since 2-3 weeks. but i want some PG employee to confirm first. there is a decent amount of money at my acc. and i dont want to loose my progress :grin:

Following this. I’ve heard the same but I’m too afraid to try for myself.

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me aswell.

@PGJared can u clarify?

Replied with my experience here:

The Egg token bonus problem that i’m talking there were solved with PGEggToken and now work fine.
So Cross Platform is working fine by now, no problem for me and it’s about 3 week that i’m playing on iOS.

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it works now. I am now running my main on iPad Pro. no problem. Spell button layout is a bit different though

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But you need just a bit of practice, as i do… that it’s easiest when you don’t crash 100 times! LOL

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I jump back and forth all the time. So far so good.

I am using my android on iPad and its perfectly fine and working. I keep swapping as well and its all good for me.
All you have to do is make sure you log out of one device before you log in another device.

ok thank you for the Hint!

I moved my big account from a android to my iPhone and OMG…my dragons love me for it lol… honestly I haven’t had any problems. I moved my small account to my android that way I don’t have to play both on the same device.

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Confirmed. I have been able to play all of my accounts (2 started on Android and 2 started on iOS) on either platform.

I have successfully moved my account from a samsung s7 to an iPhone 8+. My only concern is many of the spells are in different places so Nec keeps dying because cloak isnt where it was. Is there a reason these arent the same across platforms?

Graphics and performance are so much better now!

Hello Everyone,

I will confirm that this should be working. If you happen to come across any problems while transferring between the two platforms, please send an email to our support team through zendesk and we will help sort it out for you

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