Crumble failing



I’ve now had this happen twice but not readily reproducible. I double-crumble a set of farms and mills. Each of the buildings shows the crumble animation (screaming cloud of dust) and, when the dust clears, three of them are still there and undamaged. A bit annoying.


Same old bug my friend. It’s been bugged since the dawn of hauhesset


Is this one? Crumble to dust dealing damage on first cast? Note first island and back of middle long.


That’s another bug. Sometimes, crumble doesn’t kill off the towers after second cast. Have to use a third one to finish off


And unlocks them, if sanded, in the process. It’s a joy.


The joy is real when you try to use Hau to clean after necryx on bases full with lv60 :rofl:


Yeap, glitch likelihood always seems higher especially when shot from inside shift. Luckily crumble isn’t often needed for leads. Too many issues with it.


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