Crumble is still broken, fix it

Just lost a super attack in PVP because Hau’s second crumble misfired, restoring farms to normal.

I opened a support ticket in the past about this, but since shareable replays still aren’t working properly on my iPhone 6s and I can’t re-create the bug for them, their response was ‘eventually a patch will be released to fix this bug’.

I’m getting real tired of this bullshit.

Fix the bugs.


I also would like to see this fixed, @pgpulse @PGJared @Arelyna

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have you tried to enable screen recording?

It should be on Setting > Control Center > Customize Controls > Screen Recording.

Once it is available you should be able to record anything so long as you turn it on from the application menu (double tapping home button. it has a image icon on the right side.

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Only issue with that is that you’d have to record every single run with a dragon that has crumble to dust on the off chance the spell will misfire :woman_facepalming: I’d probably forget to do that :joy:

You don’t record every hau run? :eyes:

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I forget to like 99.9% of the time :joy::joy::joy:

Crumble will randomly destroy buildings on first application. Happened twice on an xp run y’day. Interestingly, only the lowest lvl buildings in both groups went down.

And when it breaks sand…well…that’s just heartbreaking.

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If you crumble right after sand lands, the crumble will do sand damage.

Same thing with having a normal hunter fireball in the air, but I can’t reproduce that as consistently.

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Yeah it’s really annoying when that happens… pretty sure almost every hau flyer has experienced that by now

Hope PG does something about this

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I thought I was the only one LMAO

Especially,if there is red mage and first crumble (which supposed to make 0 damage) unsending whole island and red mage

I have a great video of that C2D bug. Can’t upload on forums though - file type not authorized - how do I put this gem in the right hands?


I’ll need more than that if ya don’t mind. My first date with technology didn’t go so well and we’ve been estranged ever since…

Edit: made my first YouTube video! Woohoo

@arelyna @pgjared @pgpulse


make an account on youtube (any gmail is okay)

Log in to youtube
Click the upper right portion which is supposed to be your profile
My Channel (it will ask you to create one if you don’t have any yet) Capture
Click the video icon (Capture)
Select Upload Capture
Then click the select files to upload to browse through your deviceCapture
You can set it to public, unlisted, private or scheduled.

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You rock. Ok, it’s up!

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