Crusades Event ... more questions


So, there was ONE day when Crusades proposal was discussed on the Forums and it was closed the next day. There was hardly any activity, just a few players asking a few questions and that was it. Conversation over. I would like to re-open that convo. Not necessarily to vote down the event, but to get more clarification as to what the event is all about and how it will work. Then we as a community can see how we really feel about it.

I feel that a 1 day discussion with limit questions doesn’t answer anything.

  1. You said we choose a castle, but we don’t chose a team. How does that work?
  2. How will this “reasonable” list of teams work? What metric will you use? League? Team Power ranking?
  3. Will this replace all castle conquering or is this just an event with in atlas only?
  4. If it’s just an event, is it required, or can teams abstain? Meaning, is it like War in the regular game? We only do it when we want?
  5. If there is no player penalty for levels / glory, how will teams avoid L500s from unfairly hitting a L200. This was an important issue just recently addressed in regular atlas with glory bands. Why completely remove it here?
  6. Pirate teams can “create” an T2 castle and if they win, they keep it, yes? so this means that castles in theory are now created in game and territories expand?
  7. If number 6 is right, how does that effect the map? Where does that castle appear? Does that make the map dynamic?
  8. Are nails the ONLY way to upgrade a castle? Like forever? No choice at all?
  9. Can you ONLY send your primaries ONCE? or can you resummon and go back? I saw something about “committing” your troops and unkilled / used troops will be lost for ever (regardless of win or loss
  10. is this a set confirmed event? Because it was only discussed for ONE day during the pandemic, I don’t think many people are aware of what this all means and doesn’t have a voice (since all the thread were closed after 24 hours.)



@LEER0YJENKINS1 is refering to: Atlas Proposal: Crusades Discussion Thread

But in fact the very same can be said about the Atlas Proposal: Seasonal Land Shuffle Discussion Thread. I personally find it very concerning that PG and their Game Developers are not willing to spend more than 24 hours to get feedback from the whole community, it is not everyone who is blessed enough to be able to check the forums within a 24 hours time span.

When I combine these two proposals, I struggle to see how they together would make a homogenous game to play combined. I personally feel there is way too many unknown factors in these proposals for the player base to judge in advance if this is something they would support or not. Therefore I the WD community would appreciate a clear discussion on/as in the regards what we can expect for the future of atlas. Give the community a fair chance of discussing the proposed changes rather than just assuming everyone is going to be happy campers.

Also in accordance to @PGDave the Seasonal Land Shuffle should be implemented with the “Wave 1” changes, and in accordance with @PGNines on this thread “How much longer” the last of the “Wave 1” changes was implemented with the “Version 5.19 Release”. Therefore it has come to me, and maybe also others, as a surprise that these proposals are still up implementation.

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Also, if my castle can only be bubbled and not conquered outside of a crusade, what is to prevent me from having ZERO guards and ZERO prims on a castle … i can just let it immediately bubble with no troop drain.

like, who cares if it bubbles if no one can conquer during cooldown.

which leads me to ask, what is the point on a bubble or cooldown if they can’t be conquered?

@PGDave I thought this whole crusade thing was scrapped. Where is this coming from exactly?!

here, June 2nd AMA

I posted this in my AMA thread too, but we’re not ready to discuss the details of this feature yet. The earlier thread that you are aware of still contains our current thinking. When Map Shuffle is closer to being ready to ship, we’ll get into questions like this. There will absolutely be time for feedback and more questions at that time.

thank you … from the way it looked in that AMA, it was set for next season

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@PGNines This does however not answer why the Atlas Proposal: Seasonal Land Shuffle Discussion Thread was closed within a day, nor does it clarify why you are going through with the Land Shuffle based on the information listed by myself earlier in this thread.

What if a team already has infrastructure on all castles maxed Before crusade changes come, then will all castles automatically evolve to the next tier without requiring any nails?