Crystal cave prizes

Just wondering wasn’t there a 96k prize line that was sigs or lots off rubies , now it seems to be 140k is this because u score more in this event or has pg slipped it in to make us work harder :thinking:

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Every pvp event has different scoring mechanics, it’s kind of useless to compare prizes like this.


Yeah was just wondering, obviously new event so not sure how the scorings work at this stage just asking a question

Even mythic gear also went to last prize.

The event came to the place of Kingdom Wars, i was expecting the same prizes and it is, they are at the different scores because the system and point mechanic is different. We can compare it with the fight pits. Only change is the mythic glyph which is at the last tier in the Crystal Caves while the one before for the Fight pits

EDIT: and some chisels in the crystal caves

I wish lmao

The sigils payout is unreasonable in low for a PvP event where are you use a lot of resources potions and innfire not good at all Price price line in a PVP event 199k had 1200 sigil where is that gone not worth it in my eyes this event