Crystal Caverns - ability to block crystals from being attacked

Can leadership, beside being able to mark crystals for attack, have the ability to block attacks on two of them as well.

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o i kno what ill do if this happens


Wait block attacks from your team ? Or the other team?

Cause if you’re blocking your own team from hitting the other two crystals, then hell yeah sign me up.

But if youre blocking the other two crystals from the other team, no. That just screams low to me, but thats my opinion.

Or is there a third option that my brain has yet thought of due to the lovely drug known as caffeine not being coursed through me yet?


While I understand the need to block teammates from hitting unmarked crystals, that could lead to some complicated situations.

Having the ability to block crystals could help the team to focus on team goals such as completing certain crystals faster or to not detonate the crystal bomb when the other two crystals have not populated :see_no_evil:

The downside would be an increased need for leadership to monitor the event. Also what if an officer blocks a crystal and forgets to unblock it after the target crystal has been destroyed. Lets say the target 90% bomb has been destroyed. But since an officer blocked the other two crystals and there isn’t an officer available to lift the block, teammates would be unable to complete them. Or in another scenario, some teammates might not have the required dragon to attack the bomb crystal. Limiting them to only the bomb crystal would mean that they have to wait until it’s detonated before they can start hitting in the event.

Instead of blocking crystals, maybe we could have a list of who is attacking/attacked which crystal. Then leadership can interrogate ask them why they’re not hitting the targeted crystal and they have a chance to explain themselves :upside_down_face:


I mean you could always get your team to yell at leadership with @ to let them know about the crystal…then again i tell my team that and have only been mentioned once about marking a new crystal :confused:

And hope they dont pull the, “I didnt know I was suppose to hit the marked crystal!” Or “I didnt see the crystal was marked!” But instead go something like, “sorry i fudged up and attack the wrong crystal by mistake due to X reason.”

Sorry…not trying to be negative or anything. Just have a hard time trusting people to not make up lies or to do as theyre told to help the team

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We need an event chat/bee able to see team chat in event … most of the times people get to eager, doesn’t leave the event to check the team chat… and detonated the bomb.

An event chat would seriously be extremely helpful.


Okay now im curious on how that would work and not get in the way of the events main screen, aka where you can go and click on crystals and stuff. Would it be like how in TR theres an arrow in the right side of the screen that shows how many temples your teams defeated? But instead of that it would be team chat?

Probably from your own team, but then


Just get players that listen tbh


Big downside of this is when only bomb is marked.
Those without proper dragons will be forced to hit lower, or even unable to attack properly.

Unlike Temple raid (as event comparison, with the same ability to mark island), one of these marked targets has strict restriction.


I am talking a chat for all pvp events nor just cc.
Am I guess I have always just thought it would be in the bottom

Orca lives matter!

But yeah, being unable to hit or having to hit much lower would be a big bummer. :pensive:

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If your team is disorganised or disobedient then treating the symptom rather than the cause is most likely not the best way forward.


Stop making sense


In an ideal worlds where everyone would have 10 invokers and sorcerers and unlimited time, sure.

In real world where I don’t have those things, I would probably quit every single team that would block the crystals. If I’m short on time and unable to attack, waiting more than 2 minutes is pushing it.

Edit: I think I’m really good at hitting the marked crystal, but I can also see plenty of situations where it doesn’t necessarily work for all. If I can’t beat the bottom base with a sorcerer, there isn’t much that I can do. And if the purple crystal takes too long and is the only option…. No thanks.

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Isn’t herding one’s cats half the fun of being an officer?

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It’s half of something.

Just like players hitting PvPs before Blackbloods in Gauntlet, I’d like a team hit log to know who is doing what. Knowledge is enough. Don’t need in-game targeting restrictions. I kicked one player last Gauntlet who hit the PVP on day 1 well before the Blackbloods were cleared - he didn’t realize his point total matched the total on the PVP island. This only works very early in event though - I want a team attack log. It is done in Atlas, can be done for PvPs.


Want to block my own team from attacking Crystals. Sick and tired of one yahoo on the team who thinks it is a good idea to pop a 90% purple when the two other crystals are forming. Or if we have 2 non-purple crystals at 80% or higher can block just the purple Crystal from being popped until the other two have been dealt with and new crystals formed. Just two of many samples that having a log won’t remedy.

Don’t think this is either a hard or frivolous request. If for some reason PG can’t do that - then the next best option is to make it possible to see which player(s) screwed the pooch so they can be dealt with. As stated in earlier posts - a hit log would be nice to see which player(s) need to look elsewhere for a team.

But seems that being able to block a foolish action is a lot less extreme than dumping a player from a team; therefore, giving leadership the ability to block 2 Crystals from being attacked (for a short period of time) makes more sense.

Leadership can block 2 crystals and:

  1. Block ends when Crystal is destroyed and/or
  2. Block ends after 10 minutes and needs to be reset.
  3. Block can be rescinded at anytime by leadership

Leadership can use the blocking option at critical times. Otherwise, they can leave all crystal open when necessary and when members don’t have targets.

Also, everybody should understand that it is a proposed feature that can be turned on/off when the need arises and deemed necessary by the situation.

Just to add on. There are definitely some players who listen and don’t listen for good and bad reasons.good reason will be they don’t have the dragons to do certain crystals or they lack energy to continue hitting. The bad reasons will be not a team player and don’t give a damn. This is a team game and so we have to deal with this. Precisely this is that part that differentiate teams and their score. Not all officers know what they are doing and the best for their teams may not be best for players. There must be a balance and if officers have too much control over the game, it won’t be a team game anymore.

The tracking feature can be good to let officers find out who did what. This mechanics allows rectification of the problem and does not affect the game play. But I doubt PG will invest in this unless it has become a pain problem for the whales. That’s reality and we are not even sure PG can hang on long enough after offering better value packs and it seems like they are struggling to survive to have compromised on that.

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