Crystal Caves, aka the “Mega Wars”

Mega coins have too much of an impact on Crystal Caves, what with the limited amount of health on each crystal. You don’t even need very many resources to excel in this event, but some players seem to think otherwise. I think that any of the following should happen to alleviate the issue of megas being abused in the Crystal Caves event:

- Dispense with mega coins entirely and allow for only normal and super attacks to be initiated, making much more room for other forms of attack to be viable. (Yes, I am taking the grinding aspect of the event into account, and honestly, I don’t think that’s relevant given what’s at stake, but this argument is also why I have alternative suggestions; grinding isn’t for everyone, especially if it’s against the same repetitive bases, and I concede that it is an issue in itself, although not a major issue since this game is based on grinding.)

- Increase the amount of health per crystal. (This could either be a direct change or there could be a special crystal—making a one-time appearance at the very beginning of the round—that increases the health of all other crystals throughout the round.)

- Allow for mega coins to retain the points that they give, but strip them of all they can do against a crystal in the event. (Basically, mega coins will keep their point value for players who want to rack up points and quickly be done with the event, but they won’t have any bearing on the destruction of a crystal; only normal, super, and wildfire attacks would work on them; players who use mega coins would basically be hitting a wall and only making a dent in it, that dent being the points they acquire, whereas using other workable forms of attack would be the wall coming down and opening up the way to the next wall.)

- Disconnect the point multipliers from the crystals in the event. (This would have the same effect as the previous suggestion, but it would be dealing with the multipliers rather than the mega coins. Admittedly, though, I don’t think it would have the same impact in alleviating the “mega war” issue, other than the fact that some players are burned out after grinding multipliers and that would provide some leeway for even just a small window of equal competition.)

- Eliminate mega coins from Crystal Caves and continue selling the packs in the store containing mega coins. (This way, competition is in balance and PG can still benefit from spenders; some irregular spenders may even become desperate and decide to spend on mega coins as well. Mega coins could make a full return in other major events; the restriction would only be during Crystal Caves due to how it’s structured.)

- Eliminate mega coins from Crystal Caves and continue selling the packs in the store containing mega coins, but increase the amount of points that super attacks give by as much as 100% and as little as 25% per round. (This is essentially a carbon copy of the previous suggestion, but with an extra effect regarding a different form of attack: supers.)

- Leave mega coins as they are, but decrease or eliminate the respawn time. (Getting rid of the need to wait out a crystal during its respawn time would solve only half of the problem, but would be a nice step in that direction; it would make it such that the unbalanced competition would only be a partial problem, but it would be a great deal more manageable than it currently is.)

It’s a certainty that Crystal Caves is a grind, and that’s one thing that polishes the mega coins in this event, but the mega coins are also a burden in that entire teams can abuse them to clear everything in one fell swoop, and this sort of impact is what soils them. This is especially an issue when you take into consideration that this event heavily welcomes sandbagging. A single attack coin should not have this impact on the environment; if none of the above (and I did try to make a few suggestions that don’t affect the grind, for those who would oppose the others that do), something has to be done.


No. If you nix the highest damage attack, the HP should not also be increased. (and the HP should not be increased if you want to discourage coin usage.)

Interesting. Might be a coding nightmare. But as a whole I’d have to disagree, People want to help their teams, and doing an attack and seeing no progress would discourage them from the rest of the event, if not the game.


lets not, this would just further increase the need for megas and turn this into another rss sink event.

I did like CC better back when megas were restricted and couldn’t be used on white crystals. It at least made this event stand out since you couldn’t just mega everything but then they went and ruined that

I do get that people want to be able to use mega coins when their time is limited but I think grinding should be more valuable than lazily dropping megas. But also lets be honest, they’re not going to do anything to limit megas. That would hinder the power whales have and thus hurt spending.


The whole event is stupid resource intensive for the fewest rewards out of any PvP.

It was tolerable when they restricted megas to white only but that went after one event when PG realised it didn’t make as much money in terms of packs!

Great event for s3 down… the rest is just a nightmare! Yep… let’s use all 10 historical dragons on a 100b base.

Good luck with that :face_vomiting:

Crystal Caves has more energy cost resets than any other event, and while I can’t speak for how the 10x multipliers work for players in the higher leagues, there is no way Crystal Caves is more resource intensive or prize poor than Fight Pits.


I personally think this is the best way to do crystal caves. This way the limited bonus crystals don’t just get obliterated instantly by whales using megas. At least if it’s restricted to white crystals then people can get their points and help out their teams while not making the whole point of accumulating boosts a competition for who can mega the quickest.

I thought it was originally the other way around although I could be misremembering. Either way, restricting megas to white crystals would probably be the best and simplest way of dealing with the issue.


Not reading this so, sorry if im repeating :joy: didnt original CC have no/restricted megas? Bring it back.


It has the same prizes as FP. Higher point requirements but that’s because this event has way more points offered than FP. It’s time intensive but you can max it for few inner fires, especially in lower leagues.
It does encourage hitting low targets though and the removal of seasonal discount dragons and the last few tiers having some pretty sucktastic lineage dragons has made it tough sometimes to get all those mults finished in higher leagues.
Which again is why I feel the higher leagues should have fewer but much larger multipliers than the lower leagues do. 6 x30 multipliers would be more reasonable for diamond.


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