Crystal Caves - Beta Event This Week (added Event Rules)

Hey everyone, we’re running the Beta version of Crystal Caves this week!

Prebattle phase begins on Wednesday 3/17 (hopefully by 2pm), from Thursday 3/18 at 12pm - Friday 3/19 at 12pm (PT) will be the Battle Phase. The post-Battle Phase will last until Tuesday 3/23 at 6pm (unless we take it down early but we don’t plan to). We will distribute rewards on Monday alongside the Fort event.

Please try Crystal Caves out and let us know what you think on the forums. Based on the feedback we get from this run (player feedback, faction feedback, and data), we’ll make necessary changes to the event and officially launch later this season.

The current prize structure is temporary, so don’t focus on that too much. Keep your mind on the gameplay – thanks!


In Crystal Caves, teams compete to earn the highest VP by destroying Crystals and earning bonuses for their team. Every round, teams will be paired randomly inside a cave housing 3 Crystals. PvP attacks on the enemy team will earn points towards winning the Crystal and earning its special bonus. Crystals will respawn after a short cooldown.

Dragon Boosts - These Crystals increase the HP or Damage of Dragons for your whole team for the duration of Event battles. Bonuses Max out at +25% Boost.

Tower Boosts - These Crystals increase the HP or Damage of Towers for your whole team for the duration of Event battles. Bonuses Max out at +25% Boost.

VP Chunk - These Crystals provide a big chunk of extra VP for your team. They cannot be attacked with Mega Coins.

VP Boost - These Crystals increase the VP earned from flights and VP Chunks for your whole team for the duration of the event. Bonuses Max out at +25% Boost.

Crystal Bombs - Bombs deal percent-based damage for your team to the other 2 Crystals in the cave, making it easier for your team to win them. Bombs will spawn with a Dragon Class or Element requirement and will need a matching Dragon to be flown in order to earn points for it.

The Crystal Caves event will also provide a special 10x Boost multiplier for every unique Dragon successfully flown in battle. In order to be eligible for the boost, a Dragon must deal 70% Destruction on its own to the enemy Base. Unique Dragon Boost may be applied once per Dragon per Round and will reset at the start of every Round. Up to 10 Dragons may earn this boost per round.


Does this mean we will be using energy and inner fires and receive prizes?


Will atlas pvp be disabled?


Yay! Excited for this!

What is meant by distribute rewards? Will it have the rewards that it would normally have as PvP event? Or will it have less since its being run as a mini-event to Beta test?

Will there be a forum or blog post about how the event is supposed to work?


Please don’t nerf rewards very much otherwise people won’t be willing to waste RSS to try event out…


Interesting, though need to see the details on this first. Will atlas pvp be disabled from Thursday to Friday during the battle portion? If not then new atlas season activity could impact the success/results, especially with everyone on edge from the new guard changes


Wow, new Atlas season with changes and a new event to try… going to be a wild week.


I’m thrilled to see how this plays out!

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Since it will be a dual event week with Fort + CC test, will quests be disabled as per previous dual event weeks?


Hmm :thinking: if shield will be up, that means 3 weeks in a row without atlas.
But also is Caves going to always be a mini pvp running alongside Fort/Breeding (much like Assault and Dungeons) or eventually going to go to a slot of its own as major PvP if it works nicely?

(I hoped that was like a substitute for KW, but can’t see clear yet)

Happy to see a new event coming our way. We definitely need something new and interesting.


It’s supposed to replace KW in the rotation

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50% of the prizes will be attainable with no IF or EP. The rest of the prizes will be attainable with a small amount of EP and IF. If a player were to do 4 mega attacks they would get all the personal prizes.


I can’t see official information on that yet.

It was mentioned when CC was originally brought up, I believe in the thread announcing the cancelling of KW permanently


Em, don’t believe anything unless it’s officially announced. :woman_shrugging:t3: So I’ll wait for answers.

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That’s correct. Here is the quote:

Fortunately, our first new event in two years (Crystal Caves) is just around the corner. In the long term, Crystal Caves will replace Kingdom Wars in our PvP event rotation


If you search for “Crystal Caves” you’ll get the Feb 8 official announcement. Not sure how to link it here or I would.

Here is what you were looking for. =)


When do you expect to drop info on how exactly this event works? Or is that still in process of determination? And if it is, why are you implementing it then?