Crystal Caves -- dragon sorting when crystal requires one element

I joined a teammate’s battle. The requirements were dark dragons. They died, and it’s my turn to pick.

Up comes a list of all of my dark dragons, with NO SORT WHATSOEVER.

Now I have 5 seconds to scroll through my list of dragons to find the one dragon I am looking for (Keth in this case). Not gonna happen.

The game picks Kastor for me and I die in .00002 seconds.

Can we get the list sorted by attack power descending? Or tier descending?


This was mentioned during the original beta run of Crystal caves, a bit disappointed it hasn’t been implemented yet, and while it may seem like a QoL to some it really is a necessity with the “dragon picking” timer rapidly ticking down.


Happens for me even for normal attacks.

The order seems to be either “totally random” or “show me dragons that will get lol 1 shotted first”


Are you too low for your league? If it is, ask for help / assist.

Am 571 level D1 Guess I am just too stupid to ask for help? Oh thats right Players that follow on the event invite have dragons in low tiers like say Lockjaw to defeat level 122 towers as they follow me with lower tier dragons fit for level 30 towers Like I said gues I am a noob and dont understand WD after playing 4 plus years? Next troll please


Tell me about it I’m a Mostly a platinum player who should be a sapphire player right now and I can even tell that this event needs major tweaking with the required only crystals. Not endgame but I do have to do some elemental crystals and class required crystal and it sucks I have to be like scroll to the next low base to either bully / (hit low below my tier) or do the exact opposite

Note I’m not a bully but I consider hitting low as bullying and giving an unfair chance against certain players. This is mostly possibly required in atlas though


So would you rather have to put a dragon in your roster to even attack or join an attack on a restricted crystal instead?

You can assume the class and element restrictions are here to stay so removing them isn’t an option. However removing the ability for all dragons compatible that you own to show is an option.

So you are upset because it is like every other pvp out there and ever has been? Needing to use energy and inner fire goes back to the beginning of pvp events. :face_with_monocle:


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