Crystal Caves - Full Event Changes

Hello Everyone,

As you all know, Crystal Caves will be launching as a full event in a few hours. We’re excited to see everyone take flight in this new event. We’ve made quite a few changes since the Beta release a couple of weeks ago and we want to lay them out here for you all to view and plan your team’s attacks.

  • Crystal HP has been drastically reduced across the board.
  • The event will take place over 17 rounds with energy resetting each round.
  • Crystals have been broken up into Small / Medium / Large categories. Bigger crystals will have more HP and require more attacks to be destroyed.
    • Small Crystals grant .5% modifier Bonus to Dragon/Base/VP Multiplier.
    • Medium Crystals grant 1% modifier Bonus to Dragon/Base/VP Multiplier.
    • Large Crystals grant 2% modifier Bonus to Dragon/Base/VP Multiplier.
  • The event has been broken up into Early / Middle / Late game rounds.
    • Early game = Rounds 1 - 5
    • Middle game = Rounds 6-11
    • Late game = Rounds 12-17
    • Small Crystals spawn in Early / Middle / Late game rounds
    • Medium Crystals spawn in Middle / Late game rounds
    • Big Crystals spawn in Late game rounds.
    • Only 1 of each crystal size/type can spawn per round. If all of the modifier Crystals are exhausted in a round, VP Chunk crystals and Bombs will spawn for the duration of the round.
  • As a reminder, VP Chunk Crystals cannot be Mega Coin attacked. VP Bombs are the only crystals that spawn with Dragon Class / Element restrictions. Due to the rules above, you will be seeing Chunk and Bomb crystals less often than in the Beta.

That’s it! Feel free to leave any questions or thoughts on the above. Thank you and good luck!