Crystal caves Pairing issue

I’m sorry, but I’m absolutely frustrated with the current event.
Most of the time my team has been paired with teams that are very high lvls compared to most of our teammates.
We have a lot of beginners and low lvl players, including me and we are not able to play half of the time, which in turn means we can’t score points and are very limited with the prizes we can win.
Is it possible to distribute the pairing more evenly, so that ALL players get a chance to play in these events?
Some teams we have been paired with have a single 500+ lvl player, that even our high lvl players can’t beat.
There’s no fun in having that over and over again.
I was only able to participate in 3 pairings so far and I fear that will be it for this season.
Please fix this :frowning:

In this event you get paired against every team in your league so it’s not that they’re pairing you with difficult teams, it’s that that team is in your league. Your team also seems to have a couple 500+ players that should be able to take bases like that.
Your team seems to be mostly brand new accounts so I would suggest dropping down to lower gold league. They cant really expect to be brand new and participate in a pvp event.


Teams with a handful of high level accounts and that’s it are definitely a problem in P4 and below. This problem could be ameliorated if teams that aren’t full were filled out with PVE bases.


yes, that’s true. we always have a bunch of new players coming and going. Meh, I thought there was a way to have better pairings. Thank you for answering!

That would definitely be a step forward and everyone would get a chance to play. Thank your your reply!

The biggest issue with this event is the invalid battles. No one wants to choose a crystal which progressed over 90%. As a result, you will usually find there are three crystals stuck at 90% for a long time.

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We didn’t really have that problem. most of the time we’re stuck at 0% with the high lvl ones, and often we were paired with completely inactive teams.
We were also able to destroy a handful of crystals, but it’s just no fun when many of us can’t take part as much.

Personally I feel like teams like that should just be disbanded instead. They serve no purpose, they’ll never fill out and become active teams and they’re specifically kept that way for this kind of purpose in the lowest leagues.
Filling them with pve is fine but just getting rid of them would be better. That individual should also be blocked from creating a new team for at least 6 months.


I agree with you. disband those teams at least for the ongoing events or fill with pve for everyone, so it’s fair for us lower lvl players.


Difficult thing though.
Well that’s the unbalanced thing in this game meanwhile (like much other stuff too). Teams are mixed with low and high level players in Gold and Plat, so newcomers and retirees/chillers. Nothing to blame the high leveled players though, they still like to play a bit but without this alliance stuff, politics, pressure and calculating a season or spending. I personally see it more for the made friendships to stay in the game and fly some easy rounds during pvp being down here. Sure, low levels will have it harder to compete but in the other pvp events they can get help by the high ones (crystal event not because of the 70% that are needed to get the full points).
For the inactive teams I agree that they should get disbanded automatically after a certain time. Like when their activity drops too far or they won’t reach the 20k Team achievement level during pvp’s. Or something like that lol. But that would drop the total number of players even more I would guess. Soooo, difficult difficult


There certainly are lots of high level players on teams in gold and plat because of the trend towards wanting to play on more relaxed teams. I’ve seen many instances where teams would intentionally lose wars in order to not advance. So, it’s definitely not a pairing issue. I wouldn’t mind if points were removed from wars altogether. Maybe replace it with a prize system based on getting better rewards for evenly matched teams.

I do like the idea of filling in empty spots with pve bases but I see a coding nightmare in the works :rofl: I’m not sure if we need more of those right now.

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Personally, I can understand what you say.

It seems good to have a low basic point on the PVE base, so that it does not contribute to the team point at all.
(It is important to get personal points for low level players.)

PG has neglected measures for low level players to continue the game. :sweat:
(Therefore, the player population is declining.)

The most important thing for WAR DRAGONS is a measure to have New or Low Lebel Players continue the game.

Please, @PGTimber @PGJared :pray:


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