Crystal Caves PvE

Are you sure?

That would be better.

Trying to convince PG is another matter.

Please delete this message



No. We should have even team leagues so we dont need these stupid filler teams in CC and Gauntlet. The team might be great in CC but it ruins TG for people who end up at the bottom. And in CC it’s only great if you’re awake for it. If it lands at a bad time for the majority of your team then it is wasted and your team ends up with a major disadvantage.


Got many things to say to that. But I won’t. Been there at bottom before. No hope of getting out. But someone got to get there I suppose ¯_(ツ)_/¯

But not seen pve in guantlet … do read about it in forum.


You do know the best violins stings are made form cats gust.

You see no need?

If you have a timeline when you hit max score for little contact.

Then miss the PvE you’re going to be bummed.

Actually if you pay any attention to certain leagues certain people can’t hit at level because of both crystal requirements and the fact that they are to high up in league.

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It’s not all about personal points all the time it’s about supporting your team and making sure you 100% not let them down.

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There is a sheet telling u when :eyes:
Orher than that i agree make leagues 26 teams. Wait it makes too much sense :face_exhaling:


I can only image how much work changing the number of teams in each league would be…

Probably should have it so the VP multiplier does not activate for PVE. That way if you get the PVE Thursday or Sunday it holds the same value. Unless that was done already and I didn’t notice. This event is such a blur.


I actually like the multipliers in those rounds but it’s not as serious as violate other peoples rights to do this and that. That might be an interesting aspect though means you’d have to use a lot more energy during those rounds.

Event is not randomized.after 4-5 rounds you can see the sequence if you screenshot at start of each round.
I think I have seen a tool for this somewhere in forums.

Compared to bugs rate they add probably only 1%

Well I don’t use the tool so I don’t really know much other than it’s weirdly sequenced then.

I agree there should be some sort of ingame listing

In place of that my spreadsheet can give you an idea of the order after 2 rounds. And then confirmed on the 4th.


We didn’t get any pve this cc. So… :man_shrugging:t2:

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:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: Which league are u in?

Thanks Blassie that’s extremely helpful.

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