Crystal Caves - why the same opponents In two consecutive round

How is it possible that the opponent is repeating?
Is there a team who had pve two or more times?
Why is there no message that there were changes?


Have you submitted a ticket? With 25 rounds, it shouldn’t be.

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Yes I wrote a ticket. But no answer until now.

3 teams were double until now. And now one directly behind again.

very easy, this event is full of bug and like the one reported about the freezing problem on attack when the back up player need to finish the attack, once completed, the first attacker screen freeze and the only way out of it is to reset the game… so for the last 3 days For 60% of my attack i have to reset the game for either my main or my alt…. i reported this problem many time but same crappy bug every time we have this event… Other players in LC chat indicated they have the same issue but as we know fixing bug doesnt seem to be a priority at PG but introducing new ones is….


Do you have screenshots?

That would be impossible unless you’re not getting the pve… photos or it didnt happen lol

I have also submitted tickets for this bug every time that Crystal Caves comes around in the rotation. I have ended up not playing the event because I lose too many energy units, points and inner fires to make it worth the effort. And between my alts and teammates who are also regularly experiencing this glitch, it is killing my team’s standings.

And I have submitted a ticket yet again and all that I have received from PG is silence.

I think I’m in the same league as op, S2 angry alikorns. While I don’t have any screenshots (yet), I’m sure that someone has been smarter and has those. Just be patient and wait, you’ll get the proof at some point. I guess this also means that pg somehow managed to break only our league?

It’s weekend, so be patient.

I think this problem is in the league, because until now we got 4 times the same Enemy.

I wrote a ticket and they say:

The enemies are randomly and thats normal.

I wrote them back and waiting for the next answer because the first one was crap.


Its not normal. We have same issues and several teams have had PVE numerous times. I put in a ticket and was told they know there is an issue and are working on it.


Hey all, so this is an issue that we’re still investigating after receiving a few reports about it. If anyone has any additional info and screenshots, please do share. This is definitely something the team will be looking into and addressing for the next time we run this event.

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Two teams with PVE


Great call, plus Forb1dden is an inactive team that isn’t in the same league. Doesn’t make sense they would even show up on our map.

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Same league, same round.

Edit: can you see the difference?

Here is my view of the complete Map. 26 Teams + pve when I count right

New round. Now 25 Teams.

I didn’t take screenshots, but the matchups look the same on my screen. I guess that’s a positive.

Did you get a PVE this event? I wasn’t on for all of them, but I asked in our team chat and nobody remembers getting a PVE.

We got Pve two times.

This was Round 1