Crystal Howitzer Blog Post - Official Discussion Thread

It seems one can get 173 gold chests if prioritizes only timers over them. If my math is correct :grimacing:

I do want to check. The branch numbers for timers, does that include those that force you to chose between clocks and chests?

Or is that ONLY the individual cloak rewards

Level 48 tower has same dps as level 80 dark flak. wow.

It also has a long charging time, that would means a single shot has even higher damage.

In addition, current dragons don’t have any resistance. It would mean almost one shot for a same level dragon. If dragon can’t take it out before getting hit, it would become a dead meat.

Edited :
So dps in PG post is actually a single shot damage? That would make much more sense considering its shot charged about every 3s.
But it is still very powerful, dps divided by 3, a level 66 tower will have same dps as 80 dark flak.

That’s was the number I got with choosing 45 12 timers over 15 gold chests if I remember correctly. The other choices with chests will be between shards, embers and pearls.

“ To best visualize its range, we’ll use the length of islands, placed on the back of Island 4, the Crystal Howitzer can hit you while you’re attacking the front of island 5.”


Doesn’t appear to be true. Saw someone Snowdrift the front two towers of island 5, kill the back two towers, then Snowdrift a tower on island 4 before the Howitzer fired.


183 gold chests even:

Also 2036 timers and 17k embers, when prioritizing in that order.


A clarification, why did I have to start making the tower from level 1 and not 45? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes: @DragonPunch

Level 45 is the player level to build it, like with flaks. The tower still starts at level 1.

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IT’S TRUE. I just woke up, and I’m pretty confused :see_no_evil::joy::joy:

But only if they get the season line? Or will electrum bars show up elsewhere?

:rofl:should be done by end of fort amd did up prizes to 16m its 10 plat chests

why did u make it a choice between bars and clocks :thinking:

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Don’t think that one is a choice but ya get both

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Its both not 1

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oooh tnx guys, i just looked into it dont have sigils yet :grin:

Click on the prize it says this and this lol

yeah, i looked again, tnx bro :grin:

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Technically the base boost isn’t even a base boost. I’m 69% sure PG tests new dragons against bases with the base boost so dragons are just as strong relative to bases as before the boost. Using that logic, it’s effectively a base nerf if you don’t get it and a breakeven if you do; all at the low price of 35k sigils. Huzzah!


The attack number off for that level :thinking: Thought maxed out was 169M, or is Morrison number right at 59M?

Range is disappointing :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:
Something must be wrong :thinking:Range on new tower

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