Crystal Howitzer Branch

I have heard that this howie branch will be the last of its kind, meaning that there will be no more Crystal Howitzer Branch next season, if this is so please clarify how to get electrum bars after this season.

Also when will Ozy be available to obtain?

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After this event.

They said electrum bars would be made avalible after this season. Maybe through other lines (exotic and mystery branch perhaps), maybe event prizes, ect

Ozy and the rider will be avalible as soon as the Fort event starts on Wed


How sure the Crystal Howitzer Branch will not come next season.
@PGGalileo, could you comment on this?

this last season budddddyyyyy

Thanks, but I have a very difficult decision to make, either Hugo rider or the Crystal tower branch. Hugo seems very good for Lockjaw.

hugo is good for lockjaw yes highest hp rider but the timers will also help keep towers up

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Why is their not a certain amount of bars they give you instead of saying to build to base lvl Do they take some away from lower lvls ?

How I’d weigh it is Hugo is good for lockjaw… but there are other rider options that are just as good, especially if you have atlas. Howitzer is unique in that you get rss for a good tower and you get the timers needed to build it/to build other towers and it directly improves your base progress and helps you during fort events.

I want Hugo also but he will be the last line I work on. There will always be more riders but we dont know if we’ll see another line like the howitzer again. Im really hoping next season they at least replace it with another line with a lot of timers

For me it’s Discounts > Howitzer > Hugo > other junk

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These are all words I recognize but they don’t really make sense in this order. What are you trying to ask here?

:drooling_face: Do u receive a set amount of Elec Bars ? Or does that amount change based on lvl ?

Ah now I get it. No, the amount of bars is fixed. It’s advertised as enough to get the Howitzer to level 105, but it’s actually a bit more than that because some of the levels are discounted.

In total you get 199650 electrum bars, it should be the same for anyone no matter what level.

You can find the exact numbers for all the prizes in the sheet here: Summer Sigil Lines speadsheet

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If u got both seasons tower line u have this many left after 105

so u got a. Decent amount on both finishes

Are you taking pictures with a different device than the one you use War Dragons on?

correct i dont forum on ipad

Oh, ok. :ok_hand:t2:

Still undecided.

Fire Turrt Level 95 17 740 961 67 263 636
Howitzer Level 88 32 758 429 40 463 665

Better DPS, less SS. Maybe I’ll put Howitzer at Farms instead of 2nd island until I can get it to at least level 99.

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