Crystal Howitzer runes?

Has it been discussed yet about runes for Howitzer tower? I’ve been waiting on one but nothing yet.

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Ive been wondering about this too. Im not sure if Runes for a Howitzer are a thing yet or ever will be since they are already OP enough but I think runes would be cool even though Im not that good at using runes. LOL

I can always help you out with runes… but yeah I think it should be a thing. Having runes for every tower

Disagree with this. Both the Howie and Orrery are more than strong enough and do not need runes and glyphs

Now pylons could use some runes


The availability and mix of tower and dragon runes/glyphs needs to improve.

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I mean that the runes don’t have to make it stronger… only a special supershot speed increase, or something of the kind…

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The speed is perfectly fine just the way it is. The supershot is already inherently quicker than the standard shot. If it performed any quicker, it could basically be interpreted as a supercharged Orrery Tower, without the pull. It would be tremendously harder to evade each shot as well. Nothing about the Crystal Howitzer necessitates having a rune for it. The fact that it comes equipped with a broad range already gives it such a massive edge.


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