Crystal Howitzer

Hi mine active lvl 33 howitzer is not showing up in my base?! How is this possible and what do i need to do to get it working? Is it a bug just for me or are there more?

I don’t understand…


What do u mean not showing up on base? Have u checked your storage? Have u tried restarting the game?
@moderators y’all might be more helpful to @MeepLeap180373 .

See pics! Tried everything but as you can understand :man_shrugging:

Wait this happened to me during fight pits.

If you’d upgraded it the servers might not have recognized that the upgrade is finished. Try changing your portrait. That usually forces the servers to sync with your base layout.


I thought because I built or put a stored tower onto base, the PvP event ai was accepting only the base before starting of event.

Hi MeepLeap,

Have you tried pulling one of your towers from storage and putting it back? This can force a base sync. If this doesn’t work, then you should send a ticket to support.

Thanks Liz you are a problem solver changing portrait solved the problem of the howitzer. It is now on the map :yellow_heart:

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The portrait changing trick is the fastest and easiest way to force the change through :slight_smile: I usually change to a random portrait, wait until I see that it’s changed in team chat, then change it back to what I was using before.


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