CTF event messing up

So this happened. Then when i tried closing snd reopening, i get an error message

Getting lots of connect error when my Internet is fine. Something is wrong. Progress reset

@PGJared @Arelyna

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We posted at almost the same time lol

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Cheat! Hacker! Claiming prizes with zero points!?

Jk. :joy::joy::rofl::sunglasses:

It’s still messed up. Now buildings are disappearing from the map and can’t be targeted when you swap dragons to stack inner fires.

Are these issues related to the new content? The tower rebalancing that happened quite suddenly from one moment to the next without warning?

Expect you’ll be getting a few requests for energy and inner fire back … surely it isn’t too much to ask for at least an in game system email that event bases are about to double in DP between runs? Maybe?

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