CtF / ToW unplayable as are most PvP events

I’ve been paying for about 9 months now and I absolutely dread the PvP events. I wish I could be happy they’re here, I love the idea of fighting the entire league at once, I create alliances to benefit my team, and do research on the best ways to use inner fire and energy packs.

The sad part is I can’t usually actually play, the game constantly crashes, I’ve had to basically bench myself to benefit the team because if I try to help I waste others energy and inner fires.

I’ve raised so many tickets in the past about this issue that I’ve completely given up on getting it resolved. I receive the same mindless instructions to

  • close all apps
  • restart my phone
  • reinstall the app
  • set all settings to minimum
  • stand on one foot while rubbing my belly and oatting my head (ok that’s just sarcasm…)
  • change networks
    And the list goes on and on and on.

After 9 months of this, I conclude the problem is on your end PG I can play fight pits with 0 issue but Capture flag comes along and I’m useless, I can’t even communicate with my team in game because it crashes before I can hit send. I can’t do XP runs because if I join anyone else the game crashes, tooen missions and forging is about the sum of my abilities this week and I’m fed up with it.

I had similar issue. After lot of brainstorm over support, it came out that my ISP provided dns has access/latency issue to WD game servers. Try to change router configured DNS to google open DNS and

The problem is persistent across more than 15 different wifi networks and mobile data, including using WiFi hotspots from 3 different providers. Certified IT technician here, it’s certainly not a DNS issue

Can I safely assume your device is semi-current model?

Once I upgraded from a Galaxy to a pixel my experience improved vastly. Still have a few issues but usually only when everyone does.

Galaxy S8



(edit) - Not saying it should be this way by any stretch. Just that it was. Hence the “sorry”. Been there.

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