CtF tracking who's hitting who

Is there any way to find out what players are hitting what teams, aside from cross referencing personal points and points on the board as they happen?

Watching the banners :man_shrugging:t3: Otherwise there isn’t a way post-attack to easily see who’ve they attacked. Good luck herding the cats!

Yeah I doubt they’re inviting now that I’ve openly told the team to cease fire on the one team. Is there any correlation to who is holding a team’s flag in your teams info (hitting the team tab thing on the right when you’re in the “battle” tab)?

Ask the other team to tell u who’s hitting them

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Thx @Grumpybigbird along with the other ways of semi-keeping track of individuals, i could narrow it down enough.

Yeah I wish there was an easy to track it Brometheus. This event is the easiest and hardest to find out which teammates listen and which do not.

Context clues about when the scores go up by who is on is the easiest as yes, you usually do not see banners. Good thing is after you’ve had multiple team discussions usually everyone on the team is on the lookout for it so it’s not solely officers who have to keep an eye out.

Nothing like putting up 6k against a team who has no flags to steal smh

That was exactly it. Multiple mails to the team stating “pls don’t his this one team” followed by minimum 4k unanswered against them for 3 rounds to come.

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