Cure Poison Spell? Why do people think Amarok is a good dragon?

Hey everyone, I just got Amarok and I notice he has Cure Poison. I know that ballistas are pretty useless at higher levels however Amarok is one of the better dragons in the game. Why is Amarok such a good dragon when he has Cure Poison? Isn’t Cure Poison useless since not alot of people use ballistas because they suck? That spell could be swapped out for a much better spell I would think. Opinions?

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Amarok used to be good due to the double resist and explosive shield, but it’s become increasingly less effective since the release of the fire and ice turrets and later (and especially) dark flak (fire flak to a lesser extent). Ballistas at lower levels are also much more potent, so cure poison may be somewhat effective but still. On my small, I ended up just skipping it.


He gets a whole lot better a lvl9 iirc when he gets the shield.
There is a research that makes cure poison also heal.


If you have done research cure poison does heal a bit too. Cannon resist around level 40-50 can be useful. Also, cannons used to be more overpowered due to a research glitch that was fixed.

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Amarok was much better before the introduction of so many new towers.
It resisted almost half of damaging towers & had a shield.


Cure poison actually just got a buff, too. Once researched enough, it should heal 13% at each cast. However, as has been noted, the newer towers that got introduced after his inception have pretty much undercut his usefulness. Any base worth its salt has a Dark Flak before level 50, and a strong Dark flak is a death knell for Amarok. He is a relic of the past.


If I’m not mistaken cure poison should now heal the same as what the old rejuvenate did (for 1 rage). At least I think so, 13% I believe?

:thinking: True, if a base has a bunch of ballista for some reason or on some invader base rolls, though it wouldn’t be worthwhile to breed at full price like some people would in the past (not that it was a great idea then either :joy:).

(Kardul never did get a response to confirm if they meant the Healing Antidote research item (from what I remember), which is when it actually adds the heal onto it.)

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I’d assume it means with the research, that’s the only way to be able to heal with it right?

I’d use it on an undefended base on the turn or something if rage isn’t an issue (which it often isn’t at low levels).

I am a huge fan of Amarok, and still use him a lot.

I am level 64, Amarok is capped at 24, Danzig is capped at 18, and my second gold egg is hatching, so he won’t be in my roster forever, but still, he is a tank. His runes give extra rage regeneration, after taking out the blue mages he flies with the shield almost constantly on.

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I got Amarok on my mini level 40 and cure poison with research is probably one of the revival spells for Amarok. It will never be better than hunters, that’s a given but he is great and useful because i bred him at level 28.

I’ve not been very impressed with my Amarok yet. Probably because I got him fairly late as a backbreed at level 45 or so, and by then I had far more solid dragons like Ettin and Hugin. I don’t think I’ll use him for anything other than a food bucket for feeding events.

Cheer poison with research heals 20% of his health

With research he becomes a little better, true. But I don’t really like the idea of spending 5000 egg tokens on research just to make Amarok a little better. And I don’t think cure poison comes up a whole lot on other decent dragons.

Amarok is the beginner’s champion, the first Legendary you breed and your old reliable until just about level 80. Folks are getting more savvy with their base designs sooner so it certainly is not as dominant as it was but newbies see enough of cannons, archers, and even ballistas to make Amarok very playable. Remember, for every excellent base there are ten not-so-great ones to choose from beside it.

Ah yes…life after Amarok :smiley: I remember those days before the Fire Turret was introduced​:laughing:. Those days you could take out an entire team with that dragon using up all the potions​:sweat_smile:. Silver league was it? I do miss that dragon though. Just add lightning spell and it was over.

Like I said, not in my experience. I’m level 54 now, and Amarok is borderline useless compared to the green legendaries I have. He can barely manage to clear half a (bad, undefended) base at my level, while several other non-divines clear them with ease.

Maybe if I got him earlier and he was much higher level he’d still be competitive, but for beginners like myself who progress their breeding fairly quickly he gets overtaken by others real quick. I can’t think of any reason why I’d be using him for anything serious at level 54, let alone anywhere near 80.

I get the feeling this image of Amarok as an excellent dragon comes from years ago when bases and breeding options were quite different. He’s not rubbish now (still a legendary dragon) but between divines and easily-attainable greens he’s hardly impressive anymore.

A den-capped Amarok, Danzig, and Hugin have the exact same stats at your level.

That’s strange, I have a den capped Amarok and Ettin and even though Ettin has a rare rune, Ettin has 10k more attack power (100k to 90k)…

Edit: I’m level 52, same den level as Xexamedes.

Ah fair enough, my Hugin, Ettin and Amarok are all between 12-14, so I guess if I did breed slower or flew more Amarok would’ve been much higher level and the other two would be capped. Even then, I guess I’d prefer rejuvenate over cure poison, and Ettin’s hunter skills over both, but it’d be a much smaller gap.

I guess the breeding pace (and order) matters a lot too, I think I only spent a month or so in orange before moving on to green (mostly carried by divines) and Amarok didn’t really have time to get anywhere near a den cap before the green legendaries game in.