Curious on device transfers for new phones

Hey guys just curious, if I was to buy a new phone would I be able to play the game on that phone fine without logging out of my old device (but nobody is using that device, and the game isnt running on that device).

Like I know signing out is the best option but if I was unable to sign out would I still be able to play on my new device without causing insane bugs or something? (Keep in mind, the old device is shut and the game client is not open, but I am not signed out on that device)

Just wanted to know, thanks

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You need PocketID to sign in to your existing account

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yeah i have pocket id and everything, so should it be fine?

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yup. as long as you have the ID and password, you should be fine

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alright thank you, i was just concerned because i didn’t log out of the client on my old phone, but the client is not open so it should be fine as long as i dont open it

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The danger only exists if both devices load the game at the same time. If the phone is dead or wiped, you have no concerns.

If you gave it to someone they might download war dragons and it may logon to your account again. There is a chance of corruption (although several throw caution to the wind without problems)

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You need to log out your account completely from the old device first.

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Please keep in mind to stay at the same OS when buying a new phone.
Moving accounts to another device is easy with the pocketID, transferring from iOS to Android or vice versa is impossible.

This is no longer true. It now works both ways. Although I wouldn’t do it willy-nilly, and there is a big warning basically saying you do it at your own risk. (I think support will try to support it though, throw in a support ticket if in question)

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That’s great. When did this become possible? I have a member who had to start over ~3 months ago because of a change in operating systems. Maybe she can recover her old account. :heart_eyes:

Not sure exactly. It sort of just got turned on quietly. If you search the forums there are other posts on it. The first known confirmation was a tweet on the war dragons twitter account.

A recent update (2 or 3 updates ago?) has a warning that makes it clear you can.

I know of a few who have confirmed it can happen.

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I havent had any problems jumping them around.
Free Dioskouri when going to android, not sure if it sticks when going back though.

It sticks when going back. I moved at alt from an iOS to Android. It’s actually on both, and I have gone back and forth between two devices without problems so far. No need to log out of either.

But as said before, do at your own risk.

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Early December is when people started noticing it. Twitter was the first place that it was officially confirmed, though. No blog/forum post that I recall.


if you do the cross platform thing, make sure that you log out of the old device and log in on the new one. To be sure, after logging out, delete the game from that device.

Also, do not do this if you are secretly lending your account to someone without PG’s knowledge because if your account is broken because of multiple cross platform, then say goodbye to your account.

Yeah guys it was perfectly fine, I broke my old phone and got a new one and I’m perfectly able to play on the new one. I did a factory reset on the old phone just to be safe, and it all worked out.

I never knew there was cross-platform transfers going on. I might have switched over to android then lol this game is one of the only things keeping me in IOS :smile:

Android for War Dragons sucks btw so I wouldn’t change over! :joy:

Also I’ve been swapping my accounts between Android and iOS devices for a few weeks now, back and forth, no problems. No need to log out of device before logging into another either. Just make sure that both apps are not open at the same time (although I accidentally did that once and the first instance of the game stopped syncing as soon as the second instance opened so I think there are safeguards in place to prevent issues).


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