[ ! ] Current Atlas Issues (4.21 Update)

Hi Everyone!

Here are the current issues going on right now:

  • [FIXED] People not being able to access Atlas post 4.21 update - Issue has been identified. Fix is on the way.

  • [FIXED] Kingpin Event: Attacks on Kingpins are not giving gold or glory - Issue has been identified. Fix is on the way.

  • [FIXED] Farmers not regenerating: Engineers are on this issue working to identify the cause.

  • [Update] In order to ensure that everything is working smoothly, we have delayed PvP until 9am PST April 13th, so players will be once again to attack enemy primarchs to disable lockdown and be able to attack mines and poachers. Alternatively, in the meantime, you can move your primarch to a friendly castle in a given region and attack the mines and poachers there.

As we have more updates on these issues, @pgEcho, @PGEggToken, @PGCrisis, and I will update this thread.

6:15pm UPDATE: Players on v4.21 should now be able to access Atlas once again. May require a game restart to see the HUD button.

8:55pm UPDATE: Kingpin issue should be resolved and farmers should now be regenerating correctly


This is a world-wide platform. 10 pm in what time zone?

Is that 10pm PST or EST

in 4h
Edit: fff, forgot to convert


Sorry, it should be 10pm PST. Will update original post now.

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Atlas access on v4.21 is fixed now. Please relaunch the game if you do not immediately see the icon.


Atlas tabs there but what about the other fixes? This is really frustrating since v 4.20 release.

Idk if anyone else noticed this but it takes a while for islands to load up after going to atlas. Have to be idled for a minute or two before you could see primarches or even islands to more or attack or do anything for that matter.

Can’t build troops

We can get in but not do anything now… no troops no event

@DrunkenBulldog is troop regeneration still not working on 4.21?

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Mine still isn’t

No it is not

It actually shows that it’s generating +0/hr unlike the +1440/hr it usually does.


me too

Mines the same .

Correct. Troop regeneration is still showing 0, as others have pointed out

Actually starts out showing full 8000/8000, but then blinks to zero…

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:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: Been waiting for the update that breaks everything.