[ ! ] Current Atlas Issues (4.21 Update)


Mine still isn’t working


I’m unable to access or create help tickets now. I also have the troop issue. My queue was wiped out and is not regenerating. I was able to take one kingpin but can no longer attack any others. Another team has attacked my original kingpin and has somehow taken majority with significantly less glory.


@pgmichael I’m on 4.21 and my farmers won’t regenerate either.



Hey Everyone we have just resolved the issues with farmers not regenerating. Please relaunch your game for the fix to apply. Sorry and thank you all for you patience. We also have a solution for Kingpings not giving glory. We are testing this and should have this released soon.


@MoodyCyn can you try this again please?


Will there be credit for all the failed kingpin attacks


What sense does it make to login if you can’t collect gold Kingpin attacks don’t register or best yet you can’t see anything with the darkness of UI?


I actually like the new UI


Unless I’m mistaken it’s past 10 pm PST and still no PvP. It also has a timer which is still over 10 hours. So is PvP going to be available or not?


My guess would be they are waiting until they fix all the other problems first before turning back on PVP


I restarted the app and it is working now. Thank you so much.


The Atlas Influence calc appears bugged.


What poachers? There aren’t currently poachers on the map… only kingpins. Was this intentional?


Yes, intentional.
During the KingPin event, All poachers in Atlas are replaced with a single KingPin in each region. That’s not an error.


I thought they were doing both? Was told originally it was just kingpin, then both, now back to kingpin? And the text above suggests poachers should be there also…


This is a thread about 4.21 not specifically about the event, and Arelyna is not an Atlas Dev, like PGDave or PGEcho, so she was speaking in general and I guess she failed to include an *

*except during KingPin event when KingPins replace poachers…

Since the introduction of the KingPin event, the Poachers have always been replaced. The poachers will return in 83 hours. There is no doubt of this.


I still have no icon, even deleted and reinstalled. Have had an open ticket a few days now.


@YellowIMonkey Minimum level required for entry into Atlas is level 25.


How long do I have to put up with this color scheme? it’s so dark, and it’s difficult to see. Why do you hate old eyes?