[ ! ] Current Atlas Issues (4.21 Update)


From the YouTube stream sounds like tomorrow it will be lightned…


There is an issue with transfering troops between teammates. Sometimes it tells people they already reached their daily maximum although they haven’t transferred any troops to teammates. My guess is that they count troop transfers between barracks and primarch as if it were a transfer between teammates.



There is something very wrong with Atlas…
I loose near 15k troops for ~700 Glorypoints ? vs level 360++ players… not lowlevel compared to me

That is nearly nothing really… before it was much greater… what is happening ?


What team did you attack? Remember your Atlas team’s global influence ranking versus the enemies team ranking matters. If you look on the attack bar before you attack it shows the % of max glory you can expect to earn by attacking a player.

You should always receive 100% glory if you are the defender at one of your own castles or an allies castle though regardless of who attacks you.


@pgEcho I attacked a D1 Teams player with nearly 70 level over my one… over 300++
There i lost 700-800 and the enemy lost 8 times more, because of good attack defence numbers…
There i won about 1100-1200 glory points looked well…

Later i was attacked by a siege with 360 attack(level 360++ , primarch level 15), while my rusher had near 260 def,… i lost nearly 3 times more then he… and got per attack in average near 340-350 glorypoints (for about 7,5k loose per attack)… some more some less…
It was a D1 team from taiwan… so there ranking compared to ours should be fine.

i mean my rusher for example is level 5, and need 18,6k total to come up to 6…
Seeing this numbers will make it really impossible , wont it ?
i believe before it was a better chance with lost troops and glorypoints… somehow i remember it that we got greatly better for that effort…

Otherwise i couldnt get them up as i did… if 22,5k lost troops would mean 1k glory points… thats too much for 1 level in case… even if the balance beside attacker and defender would be better… the win is still very less how it feels.


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