Current Connection Issues

Hey Everyone!

We are aware of the current connection issue, and thank you to everyone who has warned us about it!

All gameplay is currently affected by a server issue. We’re currently working to fix this issue, and we will keep the community informed as this is being fixed.


Thank you for acknowledging the issue and keeping us up to date. In the event that the sever issue can not be repaired immediately (it’s been an hour so I’m guessing it’s a major problem) , please take into consideration the players who are attempting to finish who have already purchased energy… an extension on the event would be greatly appreciated.

Nooooooooo :pensive: damned thing has been long enough.

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Maybe for you. The only 2 hours I was able to play is shot to hell with glitches :unamused: I’m sitting on 600 energy I need to use

The connection issues should be resolved now.

Yes they are and there’s no time left to play. The few minutes left in the clock are showing yet we can’t attack bc it says the rounds are over. This needs to be extended 2 hours to compensate the lost time. Not only has this cost me the energy I’m sitting waiting to burn but it’s a loss of 900 sigils

@Arelyna help desk isn’t responding at all to any tickets the team has sent in during this or now since the servers are back up and we still can’t attack

The round was over. It was over 15 minutes before the end of the timer. Because rounds were 5h45 min long from the start.

So of the final 3 hours, 15 minutes were not useable due to the timing not set correctly; 2 hours were not playable due to sync, connection, forced update, lag… that left 45 minutes to try to push through the lag of everyone fighting to get back in, to also deal with reporting to help desk in hopes of a response to why their prizes disappeared, why their IF disappeared, why the attack screen still isn’t loading and refreshing…

Sounds like a really good reason to give us another round to finish what we paid for yet couldn’t use.

Add to the month of players not being able to play due to data burning like a whore in church, and you’ve got a season pretty much shot to hell for all of us that invested early on and are coming up empty handed due to no fault of the players


@Arelyna It seems like the connection issues have returned D:

@Arelyna are overpriced towers and ridiculous dragon spellsets part of the server issues?

Hi – I have a teammate who has been locked out of the game for nearly 3 weeks due to sync errors, and has gotten no help from tech support. they even refuse to assign a supervisor to his case! can you please assist? we are desperate and don’t know where to turn for help! thanks!

@Arelyna can you please find someone to assist me?

Please send me a PM about this. Thanks!