Current Distribution of Player Levels

What do you think the current distribution on player levels is? I feel a lot of gold teams used to have maybe only one or two level 200+ players, but now level 200s are very common. Level 300+ and 400+ were VERY rare. But now every platinum team seems to have a few. Is there any source to see a distribution of player levels?

Other than going in there and start counting, not really.

well, red names can definitely just tell him straight. -they’re just not obligated to tell him so. xD

I feel that as more people burn out at higher ranked teams, more high levels will appear in lower ranks. I know I took a break in a gold team when I burnt out. I think that’s the key thing tbh. And as those Vacancies need to be filled, there are less high levels to replace them so more low levels are Dragged up.


Yes, players who have played for a long time that are level 300+ have probably spent some time in sapphire and diamond. Both leagues require a lot of time and resources.

The other thing is that players grow. Those one or two 200’s are now 300+ and the ones who were lower than both are now 200. As we progress more in the game, you will see many others continue to progress.

Distribution is fine, you don’t see any 200s in diamond league where they would fail at events. If a higher level wants to take a break in platinum, they should feel free to do so.

No source. You would have to check each team.

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