Current Event(fort) start

I have mutiple teammates who are not able to get the event as the rest of us have already a 20 min headstart?

close application
open war dragons

simply restarting without terminating the app’s process may not help

Or in my case relog and now can’t get back in times out at 99%

Cheater :stuck_out_tongue:

Did done and done. She rebooted , attacked , checked for update. Was literally at least 30 mins after rest of us she finally got it. And it wasnt just the one she is an officer so i at least know shes familiar enough with the routine.

The last few forts I’ve actually been on, waiting for event to start, and seen the “event live” pop up. My wifi is super laggy, so it must be something else…

20 minute delay is nothing - try the 9-10 hour delay due to the terrible start time.

Atlas could top that. :man_shrugging:

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Yep. Still haven’t seen anything of atlas either so that definitely wins for the longest wait.

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