Current event lag issues and missing chests

I have played for about a week and was enjoying the game and did a bit of light coining, then got the update. Now it laggs out and i have not gotten several chests that i have won through the event. Is anyone else having these issues?

Were these silver chests? They are currently replaced by runic chests. If you did a search of the forums, you would be aware that this always happens.

Edit: you did in fact earn the silver chests and you will be able to open them next event after the runic chests go away.

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If you are on android, clear cache is a good way to improve performance.
remove any other application active (browsers, messengers, other games etc.)
restart every now and then (At least once every 1 hour and rest for 5 minutes)
Lower graphics settings by 1 (High > Medium > Low > Poor)
Update your OS version until at least before Oreo (Nougat) if possible.

Also, silver chest is hidden until the end of the event. Contact support if you want to know how many silver chest you have right now.

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