Current Food Economy

@Arelyna Not sure if this is even your department really…but right now the supply/demand ratio on food seems pretty broken. Dragons take more and more, even the Garnet levels of the season dragons take 1m+ food.

The normal response is to raise the amount of food produced by farms (protection is still absolutely broken btw) but it feels like instead of that you guys just went ahead and basically made them invincible…which, by the way, does not actually give any additional food. Could just be my perspective though as well.


Think we might see an improvement on the economy after the fortification. Most are still saving them for gain points. Not sure if that will be enough though, with the amount of food that are necessary.

for teams in Atlas, using the banks to feed the dragons seems pretty easy way to handle large scale feeding if team members are out raiding food. Although, raiding food when you are a high level is pretty rare.

The issue is the amount of food needed.

Its immense - the harbingers eat like a troop of elephants. Each level I’m feeding is 1.7mil food per dragon per level.

Why don’t high levels go food hunting? :thinking:

the number of high level players is shrinking and all of them need food. Farming wee ones gives very little food.

They can only protect about 300k? If I remember right?

Since they’re all starving, it’d be like the feeding event. They almost have enough for one level, need to do just one more run…decide to risk it…come back and supply is raided by the next hungry player.

30-40K per attack isnt going to cut it. Our bigs on our team usually follow smaller guys hitting the same base and get 60-100K for helping each run.

It takes a while to get 1.7m food at 40k a pop :stuck_out_tongue:

And although its possible (and this is whats done) to co-ordinate food transfers, there are so many players that need so much food its a p.i.t.a

Lets say we have 50 players, 40 of which are each trying to feed 3 harbs daily, and 10 trying to feed say 1 or 2 obs.

That is 200m food a day that needs to be shuffled - its like a bloody full time job :frowning:

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This is where teamwork becomes essential. Crowdfund one member and then do the same for the next. Every little bit helps … kind of like making stone soup.

What is a p.i.t.a? Is that youngun slang? :eyes:

What food economy :joy::joy:. The food is nonexistent currently. It’s like a feeding event everyday.

pain in the arse?

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Oh. I know that term :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think that depends on your level. At my level, 223, i can find food all day long. I farmed 2 million last night and 1.5M this morning to feed a few dragons.

Please send some to me. I can never farm that much without being raided.

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Food protect for me is 178k without a boost on the struggle is real and the most I could find in matchmaking today was 90k after searching pages and pages of matchmaking …

Try having not one single person on your team being under level 300.

isn’t that the choice of your team to not be diverse in levels?

Shouldn’t every player have the same opportunity? My dragons need more food, yet I can’t raid as much food as you. Does this logic make sense?