Current Issues and Thoughts about it

Here is my take on all that’s going on. We are all upset and unsatisfied with this huge problem going on. I’ve been really upset and have voiced it too. But this is my conclusion. PG KNOWS there is a problem and that EVERYone is upset right now. I do believe they are trying their best to fix the current problem. Who knows exactly how much revenue is being lost due to it? My guess is more than I can make in a year or even a few years at that.

I really, really like enjoy game. I love the graphics, I like the challenges, and I think it’s a fun game. There are plenty of dragons to get and play with. So, I’m going to keep playing it. I would love to have all the sweet Seasonal’s they have to offer and all the rewards you achieve while getting them. However, I will not spend anymore on it because of all the issues. So I may not get everything I want. But I will live.

One thing that really does concern me though, is all the friends I have made across the country and countries in general while playing this game. I can’t help but wonder if (or how many) will stop playing because of all the issues. I am a relational type of person and it will cause me grief to see the friends I have made leave the game. Yes, in this day in age, we can keep in touch with each other but it would not be the same.

I certainly don’t want to invest anymore in it (other than time) as I don’t know if one day they will go belly up and close down completely, therefore wasting my hard earned $$.

With all that being said. I do expect a treasure chest full of goodies.

Demands for apology gifts aren’t going to go well, and honestly it only “band-aids” the underlying, more serious problems to be addressed. It’s like saying “let them eat cake” while the country is starving.

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LIke I said, I have voiced my dissatisfaction along with everyone else. My bandaids comment is one of those times. I’m just saying that I am not spending any more money on it that I have done.

EDIT and that I still really like the game. But I have spent on it, and would like some sort of compensation. Just being real and human.

How about they give actually work on the issues instead of doing the streams, new tiers, new events, and new dragons right? Who’s with me?

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