Current packs for high level accounts

Seriously PG? I think you are way out of touch with the current cost of the upper end of the game.

So as an example my Destar is level 36. To level him to level 37 he needs:

  • 46.59M XP

  • 1.7M food

That is just for 1 level of one dragon. My storage can only protect 242k food right now, a bit of a disparity there. Raiding will likely result in next to nothing due to this stupid feed event.

Your top pack on offer right now:

  • Price: AUD $159.99

  • 35K rubies

  • 10 gold chests

  • 2 x 400k food packs

  • 4 x 15k xp potions

  • 5 x 130k food packs

So total food in packs is only 1.45k…

Total XP in that pack is only 600k…

The chest are next to worthless given they are diluted with so much shit and are ‘random’ in what they offer up.

You are a company. You need to pay the bills. I get it. However, you think that pack is worth it, given the cost of one level of one dragon in my roster… because…

Seriously interested in your thought processes here. Right now, for me, its a weekend off. I’m not about to waste food on useless dragons. Your packs aren’t worth considering in their current offering. At least not to me. :woman_shrugging:


Don’t you have Atlas to store food??

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There is a team bank with Atlas yes. It’s very useful. With 49 teammates with the same dragons requiring the same amount of food, it doesn’t last long. Although I admit without a crappy event it makes it much easier.

Saying that I’m talking about pack value, (they need to be updated IMO)

… not Atlas banks. You are off topic.

Someone missed the point. This is about the value we get for packs versus the cost of levelling dragons . The disparity is increasing and unsustainable.

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Imagine getting to lvl 380 with 27.435k rubies in one pack and 10 gold chests included…

Oh please… stop trolling.

Even my baby alt account gets 35k rubies and 10 chests with the others in smaller amounts. At the level of the account what is offered is way in excess of what is offered on my main. The food offered can feed my dragons several times over on the baby account…

If you are getting less than that in the top pack on offer I suggest you put in a ticket to support.

Trolling? How long have you been in game?

You know the 35k was just a very recent increase right. If not, I don’t blame you

ROFLMAO yes I know that… I’ve been playing this game for quite some time.

A lot of things have changed with the game, some for good, some, well not so much. The daily xp multipliers weren’t even a thing when I started playing, in fairness I’d say that was one of the good additions.

I don’t believe that change makes the current packs on offer have value, although it is nice they increased the rubies…

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