Current state of Event

Well PG ya did it again! Ya wowed us with the amazing Red cards bravo! They were excellent! But yet 1 week after ya stab us in the back with an round by round event yet again after we just had a flag event an Pits. What happen to kOtH guessing not enogh money gained from that one. Which is all good we will make due. But with the gold chest drops yet again back to shit… we pulled over 300 golds mostly had horrible drops nothing todo with Pp Tons of legendary pearl drops timers frags buffs. Little energy packs an almost none existent fires. An with the releaed packs to buy ya also left out fires… guessing because this event was supposed tobe Koth so the drop rates are horrible. Could we get something fixed? Either the bought packs or increase fire droprate when events live. Much love. Thanks!

Disclosure on chest drop item percentages should be mandatory for players to decide whether or not it’s worth the risk. It feels like they are constantly changing the rates.

My teammates and i were discussing this. I got a ton of energy packs and NO inner fires. Most of my teammates go the opposite. It’s super frustrating. They did so well last PVP and like you said the red envelopes but i guess there has to be balance. They can’t give us everything all the time because our perception of a good drop would change and we would expect even more from them. They literally brought us back to reality. Super sigil chest aren’t bad

Lmao on point. I was really expecting KOTH too, this was not supposed to be the event “technically” . I dont spend but yeah i feel u, this really means rip wallet for those who do spend and want do good in event.

And maybe… its end of month, they need money :joy:.

Statistically from my experience if u open around 70-90 golds still depending on ur luck , you could get epic and leg siege weapons good for 2 KOTH events. So yeah maybe they really want to get sum money out :joy:

High % They do yes! Its very noticeable , thats why I open a couple of bronzes first to see if its the “wave” of innerfire yet. Not proven to be accurate but it does work for me .

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