Current State of Events

Here is what has seemed to have happened recently @PGJared :

Level 55/Obsidians released
Towers Raised to 60
Towers found to be defective
Power Fixed and complaints
Fix Undone
Mass Banning
New dragons/towers

So, from what I saw there was the standard 5 levels on the towers but given they dragons weren’t “performing well enough” towers were raised to 60. Then, towers were found to have not been working properly for months, maybe even a year and people were buying hugely defective things. The supposed actual damage they were supposed to be doing was sent out in a patch. This was quickly rescinded and essentially towers are now back to where they were when broken. So an extra 5 levels to fix a problem that never existed and PG has not compensated for at all.

Next came a massive ban wave, many of who had maxed towers, which means that thousands of people did not actually level things but were instead cheating.

Now, new and even more expensive towers have come out and already PG is trying to level things while completely glossing over the fact that they were peddling defective goods for months and in fact, putting through another price increase after that fairly massive blunder. So not only are they not even attempted to compensate for their mistakes, they are now exacerbating the issue. This is complete bullshit, I dont really have another way to put that but feel free to rephrase that. This feels almost intentional where they knew it and proceeded to “sell” a solution to a problem they created but thats just me.

Not to mention, raising the requirements out of nowhere to a pre-existing tier…solid work all around.

I get normally making adjustments but raising a price AFTER a mistake that basically has not even been resolved…come on, seriously. This is a new low.


Not agreeing or disagreeing with you, but 35k ruby packs do sort of blend into that. In both positive and negative ways.

Only after getting called out for giving 40k ones…


I read your message as compensation was due for lack of functionality.

Intent really doesn’t play into if you were compensated or not. And I wasn’t making a counter point so much as I was considering it relevant to the topic.

It’s also impossible to say the 40k ruby test wasn’t always going to lead to a 35k ruby pack. (To play devils advocate)

Even so 35k rubys is more of adding insult to injury if you bought your levels at 27k. It could be viewed as balancing it going forward. It definitely doesn’t help anyone who had already maxed their towers.

I do think the ban is probably very significant in fixing balance, but it’s righting a wrong that is independent of the tower issue. And potentially caused by the perceived need to have maxed towers to compete.

Having that many “max” bases make it seem like the player base is further along that it really is.

Absolutely agree. I’m surprised it was that bad for that long. I hope they are persistent on keeping obvious cheating out. (It didn’t take your favorite team long to come back)

I’m still waiting for the dust to settle. Several teams formerly diamond dropped into platinum, and several sapphire teams depending solely on maxed towers no longer seem to have those clutch players. Teams are floating all over the place.

Also, did you notice the bug fix announced?

It seems obsidian dragons were possible to train well before you were supposed to be able to. (Major oops)

And it seems they definitely are limiting them on harbinger. I needed to be level 340 to get my den to 68. I need to be 345 to get it to 69.

Not at all a fix, but another step in the right direction.

Hey Eidolon, where are you getting these level info? On a related note, is anyone updated Amoeba for changes? If not where can we find the most updated info on level requirements etc?

Got those from my account and upgrading the den. I’m a level 340 now.

My general issue is…usually oops is followed by some sort of compensation or actual fix. Increasing levels and cost is neither.

I’m not sure they don’t plan to do something, but they for sure should. I get the feeling banning folks may have been part of that process. I don’t think they have settled on what they are going to do about the issue as a whole yet. I guess the question is more like how timely should they be about it. (Both fixing and compensation)

I find this whole development (taken at once) very interesting. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it.

Have fun getting to 400–You’ll need it for that level 80 Den you need to take a Mythic Harbinger to Expert.

Ont he bright side, a level 100 storage hut will hold enough gold to make make it possible to get your third prime without a whole lot of rubies.

Towers are a big thing… Are they going to uncap, or raise the cap? Or try to sell new “Level 65” towers?

Raising or removing the cap, since it goes so far back, will affect many people. But it’s the right thing to do. Just recall how quickly Noctua (or any obsidian) just melted when the cap was removed.

All those beautiful dragons, completely obsolete.

This is better than getting a new cell phone every year!

Are any of the buildings with added levels combat towers? I think they are all “towers” that are part of the final, one-shot island. I could be mistaken, but I believe this is accurate.

And the new tower levels are not all bad. Certainly, they are expensive, both in time and resources. But they are not without benefits. At least the increased storage has real benefits.

Changing the building level requirements on a tier that already existed seems a little underhanded. I mean, what If I were in the middle of breeding Rhyo, and I have 4 egg pieces left. I knew I’d be getting more tokens tomorrow, and I was tired. So, I went to bed. I wake up, and bam… I cannot finish Rhyo… Or maybe I can, but now I can’t incubate him. I would be pretty upset about that.

Fortunately, I do not find myself in that position. The example is hypothetical, but it is certainly applicable.

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