Current state of support

Can the support in this game please get a re-think? It’s dreadful in this’s game and all they ever say is to delete the game and reinstall, or that nothing is wrong.
It’s so frustrating knowing that NOTHING I say or do can influence someone looking into (for example) that chat freezing issue. And no I can’t send screenshots of it because I don’t know when’s it will happen!

It’s been too long PG. too long. Time for you to stop bending to the big pkayers’ Will and adding to the game and focus on sorting out the plague of bugs this game has. PLEASE for the sake of all of us take heed in this post.

It will keep your players sort of satisfied and Is on the right direction to gaining the faith and trust of your players once again.

Hi QueenRadriar, sorry to hear that you experienced this with our Support team. Can you please PM me your ticket number? I’d like to sort this out for you ASAP and I’ll be sure to follow up with the agent that handled your case.

Coming up in pm. But I want you guys to sort it out for everyone. Not just me.

Speaking of suport what about this???

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Cussing out tc there? :joy::joy::joy::+1:t2:

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Lmao yup u can’t see primarchs at mine so can’t tell who the f is at mine :joy:

Bahaha I love the attitude :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::+1:t2:

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Yikes! I just checked with the team and they’re aware of it. They hope to have a fix for it in our next app update.

Oh yay!!! Another update!!!

What is PG gonna screw up now @DragonPunch ???

We absolutely can’t WAIT!!!


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Any idea of when??

Things must really be bad at headquarters if @DragonPunch is finally back

PS I missed you old friend

I’m getting the feeling it’s time for some severe programming repairs. It’s as if the glitches and mechanical issues are getting more and more by the day without getting repaired…

I’m at the stage where I’ll even tolerate a total shutdown if it will fix the current shit.

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reinstall game

Have reinstalled 3 times… thank you tho

I think that was a sarcastic response lol

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